TriYoga with Kaliji in Barnaul, Russia

///TriYoga with Kaliji in Barnaul, Russia

Following Moscow, Kaliji traveled to Barnaul, Russia where she was received at 6am with many happy smiles and beautiful flowers at the local airport. The clear sky promised a warm sunny day and all were beyond excited, exclaiming together “Kaliji brought the first day of real spring!”

Ananda, the organizer and founder of TriYoga Community Barnaul, arranged a beautiful house for Kaliji in the countryside, where she could enjoy the serene atmosphere and fresh air. Ananda’s mother also came to the airport to welcome Kaliji to “the sacred Siberian Land.”

Upon arrival to the program, Kaliji was greeted with more flowers. Students lined along the staircase, each holding a handful of rose petals to throw as Kaliji passed. A montage of Kaliji’s photos was showing on a screen accompanied by Sri Swamiji’s music. The room was decorated with fresh flowers, wall hangings, and exquisite hand-made lotuses. An even bigger surprise was the beautiful lotus made out of photos featuring Sri Swamiji, Mata Jayalaksmi, Kaliji and deities. These amazing creations provided many opportunities for creative photos!

Each day students welcomed Kaliji along the staircase.

Many traveled to Barnaul from other cities for this 3-day program, even though it was held during week days. Each session included Jnana, Yogaflow, Prana Vidya and chanting. One of the topics Kaliji spoke on was vegan diet. Some were so touched by Kaliji’s words that as soon as the talk was over they rushed to Kaliji in tears, thanking her and asking for further guidance.

After class all remained to spend more time with Kaliji. One of the students, Oksana, celebrated her birthday on May 4. Kaliji led a Happy Birthday song for her. Oksana was exhilarated, she said it was the best birthday gift ever to have Kaliji in Siberia with them!

Natalia’s family came to see Kaliji after the class. Her daughter Bala always watches Kaliji’s online events and loves Kaliji’s cats. When Bala saw Kaliji in Barnaul, she got puzzled and asked “Where are her cats?” Natalia is a member of TY translation team. She translates TY programs and contributes to the translation and editing of TriYoga materials in Russian.

TriYoga Teacher Pavitra impressed Kaliji with his calm, quiet discipline while seated. During the break he sat in lotus with eyes closed, without moving, for over 20 min.

Long-time TriYoga student Svetlana had a wonderful flow story. She had been traveling in India with friends during the months of March and April. The group had planned to continue Katmandu, Nepal, when Svetlana received the news that Kaliji was coming to Barnaul. Svetlana cancelled her ticket to Nepal and returned to Russia to be with Kaliji. Her friends cancelled the trip to Nepal as well and stayed in India. Had they continued with their plans, they would have arrived in Katmandu the day before the earthquake occurred…

Ananda’s mother, Ekaterina Dmitrievna, is a long time TriYoga student who never misses her daily practice. She LOVES every aspect of TriYoga and LOVES Kaliji! She is also a chairman of the political party in her region. She gave Kaliji a Medal of Honor as she admires Kaliji’s mission to share the knowledge and tools to be happy! At the end of the program she took the microphone to tell everyone that Kaliji is the manifestation of Universal Love and she thanked her from the bottom of her heart for bringing the Energy of Universal Love to their part of the world.

Ananda and her group prepared exquisite Siberian pinenuts and a hand carved cedar-wood Ganesha for Kaliji.

Ananda, a professionally trained musician with great talent, made sure that Nada Yoga (music) was part of Kaliji’s visit. The musical band she works with opened one of the sessions. The arrangements of their spiritual songs were amazing, with talented members on vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. The band travels around the region and was booked at least through the end of that week. Ananda also leads chanting sessions with her TY students. They all chanted for Kaliji on the last evening. Their soulful singing was so sweet and touching, and was reflected in their serene and devotional smiles. Their repertoire included sanskrit chants and also traditional Russian songs. After each song Ananda explained how the lyrics can be understood in the spiritual light. Kaliji asked Ananda to continue on and on with her Chant Club.

All the delicious vegan meals were provided by chef Atma Prakash. He loves to make food and plans to open a vegetarian cafe in Barnaul.

On the last evening no one wanted to leave after saying goodbye past midnight. Many returned before 5am to go to the airport. While disappearing behind the airport security wall, Kaliji heard Ananda’s mother telling all in full voice that Kaliji is the Universal Love herself!

Special thanks to Ananda for the superb organization! Every part of Kaliji’s stay was thoroughly planned and thanks to the wonderful team the plan was successfully manifested.

In December 2014 TriYoga Community Barnaul celebrated its 20th anniversary. The full moon was the perfect timing for Kaliji’s visit.

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