Teacher Training in Japan with Santoshi and John

///Teacher Training in Japan with Santoshi and John


TriYoga is growing in Japan! John and Santoshi recently completed a 10-day program at Tamisa Yoga Studio in Kyoto, as part of the current 200-hour Basics Teacher Training started by Eva-Maria in October. Eva-Maria is teaching the technique/methodology/practicum portion of the training, and Santoshi and John taught the additional courses for 200-hour certification: Physical Anatomy, Subtle Anatomy, Art & Science of Yogaflow, Prana Vidya, Sanskrit, Ahimsa Diet and Nada Yoga. The teacher training group is a wonderful mix of teachers and students who are excited about TriYoga and love the Flow!

Tamisa Studio first invited Yogini Kaliji to present at their YogaSmile Conference in October, 2011, and Eva-Maria and Kiki have since presented at the conference as well.

The 10-day program consisted of 5 days of teacher training content, plus 6 flow classes taught by John and Santoshi during the week that were open to all of the Tamisa Studio regular students. The range of courses broadened and deepened the teacher training group’s TriYoga knowledge, and also demonstrated how all of this knowledge is incorporated into TriYoga and make it a complete and powerful method on every level.

A highlight for all was the nearly 2-hour Q&A Skype session with Yogini Kaliji as part of the teacher training course. Questions from the Japanese students demonstrated remarkable depth, ranging from “What Did You Do Today” and “What Are Your Dreams”—insightful questions revealing a wise curiosity into the life of a Great Teacher—to questions about the nature of Consciousness and Energy.

The flow classes during the week were well attended, with many returning students who had experienced TriYoga during the YogaSmile conferences and with Eva-Maria during her previous visit for teacher training.

As part of a three-hour “Ahimsa Lifestyle” course, students were asked to bring a vegan dish and recipe to share with the group. They excitedly discussed how easy it is to modify traditional Japanese dishes to vegan recipes—simple replacements made delicious changes! The course culminated with an amazing lunchtime buffet of student-prepared vegan Japanese dishes.

Tamisa Studio is especially notable for it’s own completely vegan café; each day during the afternoon break students enjoyed simple, nutritious, and very delicious vegan meals.

Santoshi and John were also amazed at the many vegan cafes and restaurants around Kyoto, including everything from vegan burgers, pizza and fries (with a Japanese twist) to traditional Japanese vegan meals. Without fail all meals were beautifully prepared and presented with care and attention, and the staff were eager to explain the preparation methods for every item.

All around the world it is Easy To Be Vegan!

The schedule was beautifully balanced with time each day for exploration of the traditional, historical, and beautiful city of Kyoto. Kyoto is one of the best preserved ancient cities in Japan, featuring over 2,000 Buddhist and Shinto temples and shrines. These sites, most featuring immaculate and beautiful Japanese gardens, create a wonderful energy throughout the city. A number of the most famous structures form the UNESCO “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto” World Heritage Site. Kyoto is also a center for traditional Japanese culture, architecture, and society. It is an amazing city for TriYoga!

Studio owner Yoko is a student in the training who feels the flow deeply, an experienced yoga teacher who has inspired a great number of students, a joyful presence, and is so receptive to TriYoga’s logical explanation of subtle experience. She has created a fantastic yoga studio and leads by example, particularly with the all-vegan Tamisa café. The staff at Tamisa were amazingly welcoming and supportive—teaching there was a first class experience for John and Santoshi.


The training is also supported by THREE amazing translators and interpreters, all of whom collaborate and contribute to make TriYoga classes, workshops, and trainings in Kyoto a great success.

Mariko (left) interpreted during Yogini Kaliji’s Japan visit, and has been a TriYoga student ever since! She attended the TriYoga retreat with Kaliji in 2012 at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, and has continued to interpret TriYoga programs. Now a student in the teacher training, Mariko also assisted with the translation of the TriYoga Basics Manual and the materials for the 10-day course.

Maaya (right), also attending the teacher training, is a Tamisa staff member and provided wonderful support to Santoshi and John before and during their visit. Maaya translated all of the weekday flow classes, and was a central member of the written material translation team.

Big thanks to Toshi (center), who interpreted all of the 5-day teacher training programs! An experienced yoga practitioner and teacher, but new to TriYoga, Toshi fell in love with the TriYoga knowledge and flow and was blown away by the Skype session with Kaliji. Toshi’s previous translation experience, his yoga knowledge, and his care and attentiveness made him the perfect interpreter for the program and helped greatly to make it a great success.


In the end, no one wanted to say goodbye!  After the farewell dinner, students gathered outside the restaurant and didn’t want their time together to end.


Happily, the Japan TriYoga flow continues in May, when Eva-Maria returns to complete their Basics Teacher Training!


...in the flow