Basics TYTT with Eva-Maria at TYC Bad Tölz

///Basics TYTT with Eva-Maria at TYC Bad Tölz

Senior Level teacher Eva-Maria from Berlin was teaching on February 7-9 and 14-16 the first 2 weekends of the Basics Teacher Training at the TYC in Bad Tölz. It was a very joyful experience and Christina’s never ending laughing kriyas in V-stretch were contagious.



From left:
Marianne, Rabea, Sybille, Christina, Jana, Christina, Sylvia, Tina.  On Eva-Maria’s right, Kathrin TYC owner/director.




The new interns were very happy of Kaliji’s availability for a Skype appointment, where Kaliji found for each student wonderful words of wisdom that touched their hearts deeply.



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