TriYoga with Eva-Maria in Ukraine

///TriYoga with Eva-Maria in Ukraine

Eva-Maria from Berlin traveled to the TriYoga Center Brovary in Ukraine to teach Level 1 & Level 2 Teacher Training’s, workshops, and classes from February 18 to March 1, 2015.


Every time Eva-Maria is there, she is deeply touched by the students love, thankfulness, generosity and dedication. The trinity organizers of the center, Natasha, Majya and Nadiya made the ten-day stay a real beautiful, warm, affectionate and enjoyable stay.

TT Level 1











Level 1 Teacher Training

Many students and teachers from Kiev joined whenever they could.

Eva-Maria says that “Every day students brought a little gift for Eva-Maria regardless of the drastic bad economical situation in Ukraine.  But of course the biggest gift for all, students and teacher, was Kaliji’s energy that brings us all together in peace and happiness. Jaya Guru Devi!”

Senior-level teacher Santoshi will be going to Kiev April 15-22, 2015.




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