TriYoga with Eva-Maria in Japan

///TriYoga with Eva-Maria in Japan

April 6 – May 15, 2017

Kyoto, Japan

After Kaliji’s visit to Berlin, senior-level teacher Eva-Maria returned to Kyoto, Japan to begin a new teacher training program with 15 students for Basics and 12 for Level 1. This is the third Basics training in Japan; the new Level 1 interns are from the first two Basics trainings. `

It was wonderful to see how excited the teachers from the previous teacher trainings were while offering alignment assistance during the new Basics TT. All said that they learned so much.

During her stay, Eva-Maria was very fortunate as it was beautiful Sakura (cherry blossom) season. In addition to the two teacher trainings, Eva-Maria also offered special classes during the week and a workshop at Tamisa studio.

Kaliji dedicated a lot of time for both groups via Skype! It was a great pleasure for all to listen to her deep wisdom and watch the graceful mudra flows.

TriYoga teacher Yoko,  also the owner of Tamisa studio, organized a beautful dinner party for the teacher training groups at Tamisa’s vegan restaurant Vegout.

One  weekend,  Eva-Maria (together with Maaya as translator and Yoko for alignment assistance) presented TriYoga for the first time at Yoga Peace Conference in Hiroshima.  The three made the journey from Kyoto to Hiroshima by Shinkansen, one of Japan’s high-speed trains.

Students were amazed by the wave-like movements of the spine, and the mudras were a beautiful new experience for them. They all loved the graceful flow—and some mentioned the ‘new’ feeling of having the head follow the movement of the spine.

After the sessions they enjoyed delicious lunch at the vegan Cafe Shanti and sightseeing in Hiroshima–a and a soothing lemon foot bath.




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