TriYoga with Chandra in PA

///TriYoga with Chandra in PA

TriYoga with Chandra in Conshohocken, PA ~ Nov. 3-5

Chandra’s teaching blends a precise and vivid description of the physical practices with an intuitive and visual sense of energy flow. This clearly comes from a deep personal practice and yields alignment assistance that transforms the practices physically and energetically. Chandra openly shares her experience, encouraging us on the path and promoting a practice in which one experiences union and connection.

JGD Citrini

Chandra overflows with knowledge of TriYoga! Being with her is like discovering a tributary of the flow where insight and wisdom are pouring forth. Chandra teaches precision of alignments and details that transform the physical postures and enliven the pranic flow. Under her graceful and lighthearted guidance, openings are created on every level. She is a gift to all who study TriYoga. My flows have been profoundly transformed by one weekend with Chandra. Students are noticing it in class and I am feeling the resonance through my entire being. Chandra is amazing!


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