TriYoga ~ TYC Allershausen

///TriYoga ~ TYC Allershausen

Level 3 and Multi-level TYTT Weekends with Tarini
TYC Allershausen • January 2–15, 2017

Johanna writes:
“From  2-15 January Tarini taught two final weeks at the TYC Allershausen, first a Level 3 followed by a multi-level Basics to Level 2.

Winter in Germany let us experience a perfect contrast to the fire flow! The Level 3 TYTT took place in another location near to TYC Allershausen, so we had the chance to enjoy the crystal clear air and the landscape transformed in brilliant white light while walking to the studio.

One day during the week, a football competition took place in the same building. One can imagine that hundreds of young boys preparing for their match are not really in a very meditative mood. Let’s say it was incredible loud and noisy!
It was so wonderful how relaxed and focused the whole group stayed within this turmoil of excited young football players! For me it was a very good example that a true yogic state of being is independent of what happens in the outer world! We can practice yoga everywhere! It is not the surrounding that has to be quiet and calm but we within ourselves! That truly shows an advanced level!

The second week was a multilevel final, Basics, Level 1 and Level 2.

Fantastic how this helped the students of all levels to understand more about the systematic approach of TriYoga.

Tarini’s teaching was an excellent example how students can learn from each other. Besides working together with the own level, students from different levels were put together to help each other in alignment assistance.

One day Martina brought her daughter Christine as a guest. Christine is , as far as i know, the youngest Basics intern in Germany. She was very focused the whole time, learning very fast and showing a wonderful flow!!

Both weeks were framed by chanting mantras and, from time to time, a circle dance. Once we danced in great thankfulness around a photo of KALIJI in the middle with a lotos crystal and a little dancing Shiva (by the way, this Shiva i found in my driveway on dec 21.2012) . We felt a very deep connection with Kaliji and the energy of the divine mother flowing through her in this moment and it reminded my of dancing around KALIJI during the Jonathan retreat last year.

During lunch break we enjoyed a vegan meal prepared by Elisabeth , Johanna´sister. Often the birds came very close to the balcony , enjoying their meals outside with ours inside.

We had such a good time together!!! Lovely students, dedicating their energy and time to TY ! Tarini , with such a profound knowledge , giving us an perfect example how to teach even the most challenging poses in a relaxed and genlty way ! Nature showing us its clearest face in brilliant white light and enchanting snowflakes ! Delicious vegan food and a cosy woodstove!

I´m very thanksful and touched that the universe brought all these wonderful flowers to my hOMe!”

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