TriYogis on Yogini Kaliji ~ video

TriYogis on Yogini Kaliji

TriYogis on Yogini Kaliji

Whenever there is the topic of Breast Cancer and Yoga I feel so grateful. I know I wouldn´t be on planet earth now when there wouldn´t have been TY 10 years ago. DEEPEST GRATITUDE for ALL YOU DO and TRIYOGA!

Deepest Love

Whenever I see you in person, the same thing happens. I stand in front of you, shy, heart glowing with gratitude and have no idea how to tell you how thankful I am that you and your teachings are part of my life. Through TriYoga, you are part of my every day life, so very present that I don’t really know what to say which could communicate clearly my experience and my gratitude.

Every time I have been in your presence, I have experienced such moments. You say something which I so needed to hear, something which takes root in me and grows and flowers long after. The practice itself, my own simple practice of lovely, alive, magical TriYoga, often brings me to a place of soft vitality, to a place where I feel quietly connected to what matters in the universe.

One last thing, thank you for inviting me to see next to you. I sat there, drinking it all in, your words, your presence, your humor (big fan of your humor), your intelligence. It just felt good, nourishing, to sit near you.

Berlin, Germany

She is a force! I love her presence. Her leadership is quite intoxicating. 🥰

Santa Cruz, CA, USA
November 15, 2020

Your yoga is a miracle. Every day I thank you.


Dear Kaliji,
Every day I am thankful for you and TriYoga, for what you have given me and the world. The benefits I experience are too many to name.

Santa Cruz, CA, USA
July 8, 2020

Ah, you are my greatest Yogini ❤️

Sivaratri 2020

So grateful for You and TriYoga. Grateful for opportunity to share the knowledge and provide meaningful service to my community. Continuously inspired by the transformational power of TriYoga.
TY Boston
Jan 5, 2020

40th year celebration of Triyoga !! Wow!!! The contribution you’ve made to the world during all that time is utterly incalculable. ❤️❤️

Denver, CO, USA
December 24, 2019

You know I value you and your work more than I know how to express for your and it’s benefit to the planet and to me personally.
and I just love being around you.
Dec 2019

Dear Kaliji,

On this auspicious day, I send my loving thoughts and heartfelt sentiments of gratitude for the fullness that you are, the fullness that is TriYoga, the fullness that is the wisdom of Satchidananda.

Thank you for sharing all that with me, and the ever-expanding more that there is to learn. I am so blessed to have you as my Guru, my teacher, my friend, my inspiration, my companion on Planet Earth. I see the incredible brightness in your eyes, and sometimes I see the flame alit in my own eyes. I would have never known to look for that or how to find that without you. Thank you for waiting so patiently for me to recognize what was being offered to me.

I wish I could be there with you today to sit with you, stand with you, be with you because you are Perfect One For Me.

Happy Guru Purnima.
I love you so much. FULLY!

TY of Central PA, USA
July 16, 2019

Dear Kaliji,
Happy Mother’s Day to my spiritual mother and to the most powerful Mother Devi. I am grateful to have this as my lineage and appreciate all the ways you have helped birth me to life.

You have so many spiritual children on this planet and what I treasure about you is how each one of us receives so much fullness of presence from you. Your love and energy for each one of us is truly an example of abundance. Thank you for bringing me into this family.

With love,
JGD ☄️🌟❤
Central PA, USA
Mother’s Day ~ May 12, 2019

Kaliji is
Phenomenal (अप्रत्याशित)

1. highly extraordinary or prodigious; exceptional: phenomenal speed.
2. of or pertaining to phenomena
3. of the nature of a phenomenon cognizable by the senses.

May 2018

Jaya Guru Devi Datta
Dear Kaliji,

It is the blessings of the divine that allow us to have our meetings with you. Thank you from the core for the joy and radiance you bless us with … that we can share freely how we feel for each other … that is one of our greatest blessings ever. For you knew and saw it dearest Kaliji, seven and a half years ago as you were leaving Ganapathy Kutir and I was entering its gates, and I stopped to greet you and you looked at me with your radiance and your bright, joyous smile and said to me, “you’re all lit up!” and I said “oh that’s because I am in your presence!” for it too was true … I was so happy to see you and receive your beautiful greeting and for those moments feel pure happiness and gratitude for your unspoken support and understanding. Thank you for your precious love.

With our deepest respects, pranams and always, our love,
Sri Guru Devi Datta
South CA, USA
April 2018

“In Xiang Gong mudra is the highest level. Kaliji’s mudras are the connection of the sky and the earth together. Her mudras are an antenna”.

Mr Lin, Xiang Gong Master,
February 2019

Everyone, including myself knowing you, has met pure love.

MA, USA 2018

My practice was forever changed by your teaching.

Lindsey Crow, New Orleans
Reyn Studios, Lead Instructor

Students are till talking they can feel YOUR energy from so far away!
after Skype with students
Macau 2018

A Magic Flow I Love a Lot! For some years I’ve been attending workshops with Kaliji, the founder fo TRIYOGA, and since the very first time I admired the profound inner peace she creates with her FLOW through movement and breathing.  Last year I met Kiki at a workshop with Kaliji.  Immediately I liked a lot the language of her body while practicing and her way of adjusting.  In many years of translating the FLOW to Chinese students she has really absorbed its essence.”
Munich, Germany
Such a very blissful state for me, especially against the background of various gray states before
Brovary, Ukraine
March 2018

Great thanks to Yogini Kaliji:  TriYoga opens the heart.

Nadia, Brovary, Ukraine

March 2018

Yogini Kaliji ,Happy New Year! Love you, because TriYoga, my life is so valuable. Love, love, love you!🙏🙏🙏🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤China Feb 2018

Dear Kaliji! I’m glad, that I have the opportunity to tell you many thanks. Thank you very much for TriYoga. Triyoga is an amazing system. I have been practicing TriYoga for two years. And I can say that I have become a different person. I had big problems with my health and my back. Now l am a healthy person. I am a doctor and I can say with confidence that TriYoga is a medicine for all diseases. Thank you very much and health for your for many years. Thank you very much.
Zlata Grigorievskaya, M.D., Ph.D.
Moscow, Russia

So very blessed to have you and TriYoga in my life. My heart overflows with Gratitude.
Kelly CA, USA
Aug 2017

After so much pain it was clear that TriYoga is the true path to my deepest self knowledge.
July 2017, USA

You are the Master Flow, constant, never in a rush, always in time, perfect rhythm, life conductor, all comes to you in the natural flow.
Anasuya, CA, USA
July 5, 2017

Dearest KALIJI,
I am so full of joy and enthusiasm after my classes!
When people say after how peaceful they feel… unexpectedly.. how meditative… and yet energized and ready for life … and one woman came up after class today and there were tears in her eyes and she hugged me and said she felt maternal care through me she needed so much and was so touched and thankful…

It is such an honor to be a transmitter of this transforming practice!

I am getting so much through giving…
Siberia, Russia

I see the finest energy in movement and complete perfection in total method of tri yoga.
I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn this^^
Kyoto, Japan
Jan. 2017.

So much fun and energy have come with him. Rishi is so sweet, caring, attentive:) Absolutely wonderful evening class, joy inside!
Thank YOU for having this precious opportunity to practice TY with a senior teacher!
Siberia, Russia
Nov. 2016

Your Sutra presentation was wonderful. Inspiring as always. Your insights of Sutras flowed effortlessly with deep understanding of yoga wisdom translated into language that reflects the world we live in today. You are master of what you write because you are master of spiritual truths that vibrate through you. You are teacher of teachers. Jaya Guru Devi!

Oct. 2016

YOU are teaching from the heart, and for us to do just that becomes so easy.

ThanQ for sharing and connecting all of us.

Mitradeva, Berlin
Sept. 2016

JGD Darling Kaliji,

What TriYoga Teachers are Made of?

Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night, nor power outages nor Hurricanes can keep a Triyoga teacher from making her class.

As you know darling Chandra was visited by hurricane Hermine. However, this did not keep her from keeping her teacher training session with Theiry and I. In spite of a big mess at her house and no power, she flowed on using her precious cell phone battery and reading by flashlight. We had a very productive session and a great time.

I just wanted to give a little extra good Karma nod for her. She of course has had the best training in the cosmos so it should be no surprise that she is an unstoppable praana.

Atlanta, GA
Sept. 2016

When i am with you i go straight to bliss
like an express train.
May, 2016

Last night my husband and I attended the partner’s stretch workshop and it was amazing. I have very tight hips and this morning I was amazed at how flexible my hips are. I like doing the butterfly position but this is often not comfortable for any length of time, this morning my leg just rotated into position with ease. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to work on strengthening certain poses.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
March, 2016

It was a wonderful experience, as always, being with you and so many of
the TriYoga community. Don’t know what I’d do without TriYoga…
Thankfully I am never without it!

Much love and many hugs,
2016 Santa Cruz, CA

JGD Darling Kaalii,

I’ve completed part 3 of the Samkhya teaching and have part 4 ready to go. In order for me to begin to collect all the knowledge in your teachings, I listen to the replays at least 3 times (often more).

Today the knowledge flow was precise and clear and gave me the bindhu of why I love TY.

Your teachings are so compelling because they are brilliant, and so very life affirming. TY is about being fulling engaged in life not running from it!

Thank you for being such a clear reflection of the love of the universe.
Happy 2016
Jaya Guru Deviiiiiiiiiii
Dec. 2015

Thank you for helping me find my rainbow self and teaching me how to share it with others.
Atlanta, GA
Dec. 2015

Thank you so much for yesterday, I was flying home. I am so happy for being introduced to TriYoga, even though I am a beginner I feel a change in body and mind.
March, 2015

Kaliji, I was “forced” to join yoga after a TBI, as part of my rehab. Little did I know that not only would it help heal me but transform my life! Thanks and God bless to you and all your amazing teachers in South-West and Central PA!

Julie D.
February, 2015


I remember this one special day 40 or so years ago
I was driving on highway 152 to San Jose right at the turnoff at highway 101
And i went into absolute bliss, I remember feeling it deep in my bones
The feeling is indescribable
I remember looking at the mountains and knowing that nothing matters except being in this state
It lasted for about 20 minutes then fades away

This feeling has appeared a few times over the years but not at all like the first time
Then has not appeared for a long long time

since then i have heard the inner sounds, a bell, a flute, a gong, and seen the spiritual eye
But nothing has ever come close to that special day, and i had forgotten about it completely

Until recently, during the prana kiryas I received a glimpse of that special day
I knew they were a stepping stone to something better, but not this better
I had completely fro gotten about that day until a few days ago when i caught glimpse of that day during the prana kiryas

this is the power of TriYoga, undreamed of blessings

I know i can have that day back again, with unending practice, whenever i want with TY

And it gives a insight to the undescribable sacrificed Kaliji made to come down to this planet to help us

We are nothing without Kaliji.

April 2014

I came to this life only for TriYoga, and I will use my limited life time to unlimited devotion to TriYoga

Moli, China
February, 2014

Dear Kaliji, JGD!

Yesterday Samkhya was perfect flow for knowledge. Never enough when hearing of the great wisdom in terms one can easily understand. Thank you for that.

Bhakti lila, Dec. 2014

Beautiful explanation of the soul state that invokes longing in my heart. Thank You, Kaliji, for reminding us of who we are (and what we are not)…

Detlef Kopp, Dec. 2014

You are an angel..and TriYoga is a place of benevolent and amazing souls.

Kalyani, USA, 2014

Thankful for the experience of life, the gifts of nature, the joy of laughter.

Grateful for the blessing of kaliji, the devi glow I know in my soul,

a sacred spark, that touched my heart, the rivers flowed, the heavens opened.

Praise be, Her yogi light shining bright, a virtual torch into the eternal night.

Jaya Guru Devi
Keffi Bell, Nov. 2014

I am very inspired by you! One of the first DVD’s for yoga that I ever did was your TriYoga DVD! It was beautiful but challenging for me at the time as well. Wonderful.

Ashanti, Belize

Jaya Guru Devi.

Hello Kaliji,

Please receive my heart felt gratitude for being willing to open yourself to channel the system of TriYoga. I had so many moments last weekend when the grace of Spirit swept my face with a smile as I experienced a cognitive and subtle awareness of the sheer magnitude and beauty of this work. It is as pure and complete as Purusha or so it seems to me.

Risa Fowler, USA
Feb. 2013


We are indeed blessed by the Almighty to be associated with Kaliji. She does bring the best into all lives she touches.

Vijay K Bansal, India
Jan. 2012

My Dear Mentor,

So glad to receive this qualification from you, my dear well-beloved Mentor.

Three years ago, just your lessons brought me into Yoga Life, it feels peaceful, flow, also it changed my life, my mind completely .

According TriYoga, I’m learning deliberate intent of “now”, observing my body, my mind, my conscious activity …. It’s funny to find the truth inside my mind, I think.

So, you see, you changed me really. You point out the way how to live, how to love and how to find out the truth. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Happy New Year!

Amy Zhang

Dec. 30, 2011

There are no words to express the feeling after being with KALIJI. There is only a big desire to share this feeling with others.

August, 2011

Jaya Guru Devi Datta Kaliji,

My level 4 Prana Vidya practice has been amazing. I went back to the manual to review some of the subtleties involved in Bhastrika and ended up reading a lot more. I was blown away by the depth of information and wisdom in the manual. This manual from Kaliji and the PV practice is a beautiful gift. I feel blessed and grateful.

Sri Guru Devi Datta

June 4, 2011
Orange County, CA

Namaste Kaliji

Thank you for providing me such an amazing venue and crowd to play for.
I truly enjoyed being in your presence and your inner light charged the energy all around me.
It would be great to play in your presence.

Best Wishes

India, March 2011

Jaya Guru Devi Datta, Revered Kaliji,
Moments with you are earned moments of connection to the divine. Truly, I must have done great good in my past to be blessed this way. I sat in your presence and drank in the serenity of your aura and your abode, the grace and the bliss that pervades all … if only you could see your apurva beauty and radiance, of how your inner and outer beauty become one … thank you for your time and the blessing of your embrace.

With pranams and deepest respects,

Sri Guru Devi Datta
Orange County, CA, November, 2010

I just saw the Devi dance it’s magnificent! That is a meditation.
September, 2010

You are a golden child of the universe Kaliji – full of love and life – the blessing is ours.

Anasuya, July 2010

Dearest Kaliji,

I had a chance to view the Devi dance from Mysore on July 25th for the first time yesterday, and I was simply blown away! What a beautiful, moving meditation! I have never seen any Devi Dance like it, and find it so inspiring, centering, clearing. There is no other yogi I know who moves with such exquisite grace, precision, and flow of timing from start to finish. And this is just what is observable!

Thank you!


USA, November 2010

Dearest Kaliji,
As soon as I heard your voice I began to laugh.
It’s the Devi laughing, isn’t it? The bubbling up of pure joy.

Jaya Guru Devi!
CA, USA, 2010

My Dear Friend Kaliji,

It is good to see your teachings and message has spread all over the world. May you continue to flourish and energize the field of Yoga for a very long time to come.

Lots of love from Keshav, I and the whole Batish family.


CA USA, 2010

JGD Kaliji

Thank you for a wonderful practice Sunday. I was so happy to be a total student and dive into the flows with abandon. There were many moments when I felt I knew very little about TY -there was such an experience of depth and newness, I felt I was at the first step of pure wonder all over again.

A fellow yoga teacher from Napa accompanied me.

Afterward, she asked me if I still learn after studying it with you so many years. She was surprised by my resounding “Yes.” Also, she was curious as to how you “came up” with this style, asking if you had books, DVD’s etc. She takes classes from many teachers, gleaning nuggets here and there as she hones her own “style.” Our discussion afterward really got me thinking about what we call “yoga” in this modern era replete with charismatic teachers and their ever-evolving styles. I hope you don’t mind if I share my thoughts with you….

The idea that there are all these styles of yoga and that TY is one of them I find inaccurate. I explained to her how TY arose and shared my opinion that it isn’t really a “style” – rather it is pure yoga, that it is the perfect intersection of the core yogic principles -which must be experienced to be understood. To call it a style is an oversimplification.

We had quite an interesting discussion (as you might guess). To answer why I had stuck with TY all these years, I tried to explain to her that the nature of the TY flows deprogram the discordant life energy and reprogram it with a sattvic current; that the experience is sometimes intense on various levels, but always expansive and transformative. I added that it is because of this depth that our own true knowledge is awakened and that we constantly learn because this type of knowledge is inexhaustible.

Many thanks again,

with love,

Dear Kaliji,

Thank you again from my heart for the yoga you have brought into this world!
It is the most conducive spiritual practice I have come across on my journey.



Being in your presence is a gift in itself.
I am never at a loss for words except when I am with you.

You are the only person in my life that I am content
to just sit and listen to what you have to say
without a need or desire to form a response.
I just absorb every word you speak.

New Orleans, LA

You are one of the most important fixtures of light in my life. Over 18, coming on 19 years of knowing you (this time around) you have been consistent, and beautiful and wise and pure.
This is the biggest treasure I have come to find so far and I am reverent in my gratitude.


I benefited so deeply from the time with you at Yogaville. I always leave a weekend with you feeling like I know I should feel all of the time. I believe it is the combination of all of the yoga and your awesome shaktipat. One of the biggest benefits from moving to Santa Cruz is how often I could spend time with you.


David Nazar
October, 2009

I am so grateful for all the blessings in life, especially Kaliji and everything she does.

Caru, November 2009

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Kaliji for all the help given to me. I will never be able to express with words what her visit in October meant to me. I am so grateful for the time and the compassion I received.

Since her visit I transformed one of the rooms in my house into a yoga/meditation room…now I am never without the same comfort that room brings me at the TriYoga center. I also get a lot of support from the teachers there and I am now grateful to be back in Iowa and so close to that center.

I visit the web-site often and I can see by the articles I have read I am one of the many people that have benefited from TriYoga and Kaliji’s loving spirit. It has been a blessing to rediscover TriYoga and it is a much deeper commitment for me now. I look forward to seeing her again soon.


I have been with TriYoga for the past two years now and absolutely love it!
Being a professional surfer, it is a vital factor for me to be as fit and flexible as possible, and TriYoga has been my secret. Not only does TriYoga keep me flexible and injury free, it helps me to relax and stay focused on my surfing. I travel nationally and internationally to compete and I take what I learn in the yoga class with me where ever I go. TriYoga has been a vital key in me winning my title this year and I can’t thank them enough.
Shawn Dennis
~ 2009 South African under 20 surfing champion ~

Dear Kaliji,

I am so glad that I stumbled on TriYoga – or perhaps it founded me?

Jaya Guru Devi
Aug. 2009

Kaliji … I’ve always had the most respect for generalists (as opposed to specialist) … a person who has knowledge, aptitudes and skills in a variety of fields. And you, Kaliji, are my generalist’s idol, i.e. a renaissance person … and, amazingly, you are also the expert in many of the expanding fields.

JGD Love, Atom
Aug. 29, 2009

Dear Yogini Kaliji,

It was an absolute bliss as well as pleasure to hear you talk, see you perform the MUDRAS and answering questions with amazing ease, depth of understanding and knowledge of the subject. I have never before been thus inspired when it came to the healing powers of Yoga


Ashok Desai
Founder & CEO
Asvathaa Pte. Ltd.

Jaya Guru Devi
Dearest Kaliji,

Thank you for enabling me to spend time with you.
As always I learn so much from both the way that you
interact with people and the knowledge that you so openly share.
I just absorb it all through every pore and cell.

Once again I feel truly blessed to finally have found you.
Not a day goes by when I don’t say prayers of thanks for having you in my life.
You are loved and adored.

Jaya Guru Devi
Mala Ananda


Seems I am learning more by reflecting on you as the example…


JGD beloved Kaliji, Yoga Mataji

Thank You for all and beyond:-)

I was meant to travel this path with you. The more time with you, the deeper my commitment, the more expansive my heart, and the more connected I am within and without.

Dear Kaliji,

Pranamami ! It was great honor having your darshan. I am deeply inspired by your wisdom, tranquility & spirit. Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity

Dr. Sudha Rajan
Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samstana ~ President
Texas, July 8, 2009

Good Morning! I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how happy I am with myself. Since, I have seen you last time, I have been practicing my prana vidya everyday. I did it for 30 days in a row which was a great accomplishment. I am not going to give up. I am going to create a regular daily lifetime practice.

I love how I feel and how my day flows. It really helps to be centered during hard times.

I love the systematic approach to prana vidya. I was struggling with the level 2 concentration kriya at first bring the om (white light from third eye to crown) but I am starting to feel it now.

Once again thanks for bringing me such light in my life and being my teacher in life.

Kaliji, you take rock and transform it into crystal. you taught me the power of controlling the thoughts…
Boston, July, 2009

Namaste Kaliji

KALIJI is ageless, sometimes your wisdom seems thousands years old,
while you smile like a child.

With love,
July, 2009

Dear Kaliji

I feel so grateful , because Triyoga is a part of my life.

Triyoga is for me so wonderful. It is like founding something I have been looking for, for many years and I feel a new inner calm.

Triyoga is so unique and I am very happy to be certified in Triyoga Basics.

I look forward to see you in Denmark in August.

Jaya Guru Devi
Tina Lykke Bertelsen

Thank you – I am becoming speechless at your sunny presence.

Vienna, Austria
April, 2009

Dear Kaliji,

I wanted to let you know that I truly love so much the TriYoga Flow – it is grandiose.

Carmen, Switzerland
April, 2009

Dear beloved Spiritual Teacher and Mother,

As always, I am both amazed by and so thankful for the clarity and joy I feel after spending time with Kaliji. I feel as if veils of confusion are lifted, questions suddenly have answers, and though and beliefs are simplified. The flows take me deep into truth, both frightening and blessing. I feel so grateful to have these flows while on this journey. They have done so much, Kaliji has done so much to help me find myself and my ever present joy. A joy I am learning to find a share.

Thank YOU!!!

I so look forward to continuing my teacher training and soon sharing level one TriYoga with the world:).

Jaya Guru Devi!

Kara Ayn
New York
April, 2009

Most respected Kaliji,

I have felt this from the beginning and just wanted to say to you that there is such a purity and divinity in you … it shines through and magnifies your immensely beautiful and powerful aura. Yoga with you is a cleansing experience. As you conduct the class, your energy washes through and cleanses – spiritually and physically. I am truly blessed to be able to be part of this experience.

With my deepest respects,

Everyone raves about Kaliji and there is an air of
excitement around her coming.

Om Shanti

Mandy McFarland
Centre Manager
The Special Yoga Centre
2a Wrentham Avenue

Dear Kaliji,

It is with great love and joy that I write to thank you for the wonderful week-end. I have been doing my prana vidya since you left and my heart is healed as I enter the great bliss state. You are such an inspiration and a true friend to me – I feel your love and the warmth of your being as I sit and contemplate you. Thank you for giving me power and determination to move forward in this life in the direction of my dreams! I love you!!

Portland, OR
Oct. 2008


I want to thank you for the blessings you continue to give me throughout this lifetime. I feel calm, peaceful and in the flow with life. Your touch when we were photographing was amazing. I have tears in my eyes when I think of the appreciation and gratitude I have for you in my life. Your teachings continue to help me grow and evolve into a better me.

TriYoga is my family, my community and my home. You bring me so much light and love. I love you soooo much.

Jaya Guru Devi,
10-08, USA

Dearest Kaliji,

I loved, loved the time with you.

Thank you so much for continuing to inspire.

You are magical and are so generous in sharing your magic.

I am deeply grateful.

Again, thank you and love……….

Jaya Guru Devi,
Jyoti Ananda

Happy Birthday Kaliji

You are in my thoughts heart and Flows everyday…and today especially. Then, I remembered today is the day Kaliji’s physical body choose to take on form, and be a vessel to share the ageless magic of the TriYoga Flows with the planet. Millions have been touched and like me are so deeply grateful. I was just thinking that if it weren’t for you carrying the message I would most likely still be flowing, but my eyes would not have been opened to what that truly meant. Thank you for seeing clearly the light at the root of all.

Thank you for being my teacher.

With deep love,

Stephanie Bridwell

My Dear Pujya Swamini Kaliji……

My respectful Pranams to you.

In Mysore and Dharmasthala, people fondly remember you.

You are spreading yoga throughout the world. Please permit me to state that you are the Universal Mother as far as yoga is concernened- “Yoga Vishwa Matha”

with humble respects…..Hari Aum

Raghavendra Pai

Sanskrit Scholar
Mysore, India

Dear Kaliji,

I wish to thank you for all I have learned from you that day in Israel. I feel really connected to your work and believe I was able to connect to its essence. I think about it and immediately my spine wakes up. I simply love it and was highly inspired by you.

Hope you will honour us with another visit soon.

Best wishes,

Dola Caspi
March, 2008

Love your DVD’s. I purchased the Gentle Cardio Flow and liked it so much, I went on to purchase the Hip Opening, Spine Opening, and Strength DVD’s. Very peaceful flows…thank you.

As a teacher of TriYoga I have focused on students with physical challenges: the stiffness and lack of flexibility that comes from years of no attention paid to the body, hip and knee replacements, cancer, carpel tunnel, and migraines to name a few of the ailments. These classes often begin with reports full of wonder.

“I slept through the night for the first time.”

“I haven’t experienced road rage once this week.”

“I could pick up my granddaughter with ease.”

“I walked two blocks uphill to have coffee with my wife, I haven’t walked that far in years.”

I am no longer surprised by the stories of change and healing. I expect them. Positive life transformations that occur effortlessly and with grace and humor are the natural outcome of a TriYoga practice. I’m infinitely grateful to Kaliji for TriYoga, and the good fortune that brought me to her work and to my students who reaffirm daily the miracles that follow the inner flow.


About 6 years ago, I spent a summer in Great Barrington working for a theatre company. During that time TriYoga offered all employees free yoga. The work experience was particularly “challenging” and the yoga experience particularly transforming. Without TriYoga, a place to go and breathe and move with my body and hear the water flowing, I don’t know if or how I would have made it through those few months. It was then that I was able to actively dedicate a part of my life to yoga and learn more about the practice. Last year I finished my first teacher training and am now teaching in NYC. It’s been a beautiful addition to the career aspect of my life, and above all shown me that nothing is really separate from any other. I credit TriYoga for planting the seed, for your generous offering of yoga. Yours is a gift that has continued to give and give and give. Thank you thank you thank you.

Nov. 2007

One day TriYoga will be recognised as the most significant systematisation of yoga since Patanjali!

OCT. 2007

Dearest Kaliji

There is no other style of yoga that can compare to the TriYoga Flows that come through you.

Jaya Guru Devi
August, 2007

Please relay many thanks to Kaliji. I am aware of the high vibration and depth that she brings and what a Master she is.

Malibu, CA
June, 2007

Can really experience the TriYoga Flows. Have never experienced how yoga is working so deeply and the inside movements are experienced even hours after yoga practice. Feels like the body is moving in a subtle and transforming way! Touching and great experience! thanks!!!


After Basics Teacher Training weekend…..

the knowledge is never ending
what wonderous excitement each time more is revealed…

each level of TriYoga can expand into the next level, expand into the previous level, or deepen into itself.like a tree whose roots and branches grow as one but in opposite directions.

it is all so amazing… such an enormous blessing to be carried along in this flow
and the most enormous of all blessings is to have Kaliji as GURUJI to guide us..
with humble and loving thanks thanks thanks…

JGD Tarini

Dear Kaliji,

Thank you that you are on this planet, thank you that you allow the high energy to flow through you, so that with your help we can see and practice and feel Yoga in its deepest sense right from heaven. With my best wishes I bow to you. Namaste dear Kaliji!

With love
Jaya Guru Devi
Germany, 2006

Dear Kaliji,

I’ve been trying to write you a thank you note but it is difficult to express the magnitude of my gratefulness and also to express exactly how much what you teach makes a difference in my life and means to me! I am so inspired by you. Everything can be the same but the perspective is different and that makes all the difference. Anyway, I just wanted to express my gratitude. I am so honored to be a Kali Ray Tri Yoga teacher.

Light and love,
North Carolina, USA, 2006

I am so thankful to have found you and this amazing practice. Do you know I used to go to the chiropractor at least every 3 weeks? Now – since I’ve been practicing TY (and I used to practice Iyengar – which did not give me the same benefits) I have been to the chiropractor about 5 times – that’s 5 times in 4 years! An Art & a Science!

Boulder, CO
Nov. 2006


Your smile is in my heart.

New Orleans, LA
Nov. 2006

I cannot thank you enough for the transformative power of your practice and your presence.

New Orleans, LA
Nov. 2006

As a teacher I am in awe of what the systematized method can do.

Kentucky, USA
Nov. 2006

Devi Dance ~

Yogini Kaliji is a master of movement, controlling not only every fiber of her body, she also has the rare ability to keep all her emotions in tight control, effortlessly. Merging her mind with the infinite, she is beyond judgment, an ocean of compassion, wisdom and truth. Her DEVI DANCE is not a mere performance. It is the otherwise invisible made visible. With an enchanting smile of ecstasy on her radiant face, she becomes one with all, transcending the known static 108 yoga postures into a honey-like FLOW, beyond beginning and end, mesmerizing the audience to slip into the eternal moment that is pure bliss, fill them with music that can not be heard with ears, touch their hearts and souls. To the knowledgeable and the ignorant alike, she is demonstrating the omnipresence of the eternal FLOW that is divinity. Neither art nor science, it is the underlying energy of all and everything, the entire universe, the essence of creation she captures, in her stunning movement. Breath giving -not taking- absolutely controlled yet totally surrendered, playfully concentrated, she becomes the DANCE OF MOTHER GODDESS. This is The FLOW that can not be described with words, but to see it, experience it, only once, will transform everybody, and even after a long time the spectator will experience, by simply closing the eyes, that it is indeed, a never ending FLOW that continues like the eternal sound with which everybody can connect always. Kaliji achieves the apparent impossible: revealing the essence of existence, the eternal, cosmic soul. By being in the FLOW, she herself becomes, is, the FLOW…..

Oct. 2006

(Brian attended a TriYoga retreat with Kaliji)

I want to thank everyone and I mean everyone for a wonderful weekend. I never learned so much about yoga and about myself in two days than I did this weekend.

September 2006

10 May 2005

Namaste, Kaliji!

Kaliji, it was so wonderful seeing you. You have such a glow, it’s beautiful to witness. It’s such an inspiration, really….to know what a dedicated life of yoga, in a very full way, can create. Thank you for dedicating your life to all of us. Such a sacrifice of some earthly things, but you must receive much greater rewards of divinity than the rest of us experience.

Jaya Guru Devi….



Happy birthday to You!!!!

My dearest Kaliji,

So happy to have a chance to send my warmest greetings to you on such a wonderful day!

Let me call things by their proper names. Once again+ These congratulations are not for you but for us! I’m not congratulating, but glorifying, praising you! + And congratulating all of us… And even those who do not know you, who haven’t heard about you and TriYoga, who haven’t yet touched this perfect marvel of bliss you brought here! This is their gladness too! We all are the One. There’s nothing around but Heavens. You’re the limitless consciousness and your presence in this world is a great gift for the whole Creation!

Your beamy oceanic eyes glistening with everlasting love, timeless wisdom and deepest quiescence in the state of the absolute awareness, your effulgent smile, your magic inner and outer beauty create a transcendent aureola of love, life, sufficiency immersing all the Ens into the bottomless ocean of the Universal perfection and Cosmic bliss.

You’re the most wonderful beamingly alive Guru!!

Thank you so much for your existence, your experience in this world and an extraordinary chance given to us to touch and share your experience.

Much love and devotion to you.

Kindest regards,


My lovely, adorable Kaliji,

My cordial regards and appreciation to you!
Thank you for being!
And this is an attempt of verse for you:
You are woven from Light and Love
With your tender step
Piercing the Night
You touch the stars and your heart creates a single realm of worlds,
A new reality of greatest Grace
Of radiance unsurpassed.
Amrita touches you with its sparkling purity
And you with the lotus of your soul awaken other souls
And mine is also lighted.
I sing with you in the silence of delicate hearts
The song of love+that song of love+that song of love

Much love,

Tatiana and your students in Siberia
April, 2005

My experience with you was both joyful and profound, beyond words I can use. I found myself wanting to laugh at times during both meditation and asana. Not a laugh because it was humorous, a laugh from deep within..something I have not experienced before. This is my path of heart and of bliss. Devi has truly blessed me and graced me with you.

NY ~ 2005

My dearest Kaliji:

Happy to write you again. Since you became my life I can’t keep in silence too long without contacting you 🙂

Being with you, staying with you, feeling the evasive aroma of your energy exhaling from you is a sheer delight!

I do not even feel your energy coming into me from outside. I feel your energy arising inside of me!!! You’re in my interior silence, in my heart. The feeling of your presence is especially strong now.

It’s amazing about you. You’re so lightsome, aerial, Celestial, Divine and at the same time you’re subastral, accessible, aware, open for everyone, an exemplar of goodness, unconditional love and compassion. And besides all of that you’re a beautiful charming woman. The Greatest Teacher one could ever dream of! 🙂

Loving you+ Thinking of you+ Breathing you+ Living you+

Much love to you, my precious Goddess Kaliji!

In the flow
Moscow, Russia
April, 2005

On Siva Ratri: On this night whoever utters the name of Shiva with perfect devotion gets a free pass and all there sins are forgiven. Also they become liberated.

This same theme is used throughout yoga history.

If you practice Kriya yoga so many rounds you will be liberated, but each round must be perfect.

There is always a catch (isn’t there always) “perfect practice” And if a devotee could do perfect practice they wouldn’t need a special night or special technique.

Of all the systems of yoga that have come to this planet only TriYoga step by step trains all aspects of the mind so a devotee can practice yoga sadhana perfectly and with devotion.

First the complete breath makes the mind so calm, that it can be trained.
Then concentration on the victory breath brings the mind to one point.

When ever the mind is placed on anything the mind thinks about it. Students are taught complete victory breath while being “the silent witness” so restless thoughts do not disrupt the concentration on the sound of the breath.

Constant practice gives the mind the ability to stay focused on one point or idea without interruption.

As the students continues to practice the body can sit in digambara (with the help of props) and not disturb the mind.

The breath and mind become slow, smooth, and silent and there appears natural retention between the inhalation and exhalation. This is when the true power of TY shines because when the mind is interiorized and has no power of mudra the thoughts will take it away no mater how hard one tries to stay focused. With a mind that has been so superbly trained by TY sadhana a devotee can take full advantage of the state pratyahara to continue yoga sadhana using the higher techniques.

Now the student has the mental power to practice energy visualization with deep concentration or utter the name of Shiva

But why is a person going to so much trouble, they could be practicing to get power for evil?
The why is the devotional aspect.
Devotion is not emotion.
You can love someone, even the Guru with selfish motives.
After energy visualization when we sit in meditation this mind that has been so interiorized and superbly trained to be the silent witness gets to see itself in perfect clarity. The chit may not disturb the practice anymore but it will clearly show you who you really are. Or where you really are.

This TY sadhana will also bring direct experience of higher power. When the mind develops mudra there is nothing to prevent darshana with cosmic power. This experience of Darshana will outshine any rewards this earthly plane has to offer and become the “why” to practice TY sadhana.

All this is possible and only possible because of Kaliji coming to this planet.

So if any name can be uttered with true devotion it would have to be Kaliji’s for all she has gives and done for us.

Devi Om


My dearest Kaliji,

I’d be the happiest human in the world if I had a chance to see you… Anything is possible.

Though no distance can separate me from you. Hearts need no efforts, no matter how far we are from each other we’re always together. And this connection is still stronger than any parting, being eternal and unbreakable… My soul dances with you in ecstasy and the Divine takes my hand and guides me…

It is the Flow. Wise, endless, beginningless, bottomless, blissful… the Absolute Nothing and… Everything…

It is you… It is me… It is just uncaused existence. We are the one. My love’s growing and expanding day by day and I’m so glad to bring it back to you with gratitude changing myself and making this world a little more beautiful and lighter 🙂

Much love to you, my beloved Guru, my precious Goddess Kaliji!

In the flow…Julia



Dear Kaliji,

Thank you for leading the way

Thank you for everything, including “tools” to help us stay strong.

Santa Cruz, CA, USA
April 2020


I attended your satsang speech in Yogaville in August 2015. You were talking (among other topics) about vegetarianism and you mentioned something like “you would never eat your dog or cat?!”. And that was it for me. I haven’t had meat or fish since than.

I just wanted to thank you for bringing this change to my life. Hope you see you some day again. Thank you for everything that you do to make this world a better place!

Very Respectfully,

March 2020

Hard to love anybody more than you…. Peace and love my Goddess

Feb 29, 2020

Dear Kaliji,

Every day I am thankful for you and TriYoga, for what you have given me and the world. The benefits I experience are too many to name.

Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Feb 18, 2020

JGD! Dear Kaliji, thank you so much for the training in Moscow! I was so happy to be in your presence all these days! I keep the sweetest feelings of love, happiness and inspiration in my heart. My daughter Ann was very happy to meet you and triyoga, and all teachers, you bring with. Tryoga continues to magically transform my life, and give me the sense of stable support on the one hand, and more flexibility on the other. I already waiting for the next meeting! God bless you! Jaya Guru Devi! 🙏❤️

Irina Piruyan

Dearest Kaliji,
My deepest Gratitude for you and TriYoga flowing into my life! I feel honored and blessed to practice with you— online or live. And to present & teach TriYoga the best I can & keep on flowing.
May 25, 2019

Cannot imagine how my life would be without Triyoga. A Divine Gift. 💖💖💖
July 11, 2019

Wow Thank you Kaliji!
We all have changed by the power of TriYoga!
And that makes people more and more beautiful and peaceful and happier!
One drop of your existence and knowledge ripple out in waves to thousands and thousands of people not only surface but also into their mind and soul!
What you receive is just what you give to this world!

July 9, 2019

TriYoga has literally been a life line. Always lifting me and helping me find my inner GPS.

The online sessions also help greatly with connection, information and visual instruction. Thank you 🙂

Now that I am able to devote more to my time on the mat, I’m luxuriating in the practice 😁💞

Thank you for bringing TriYoga to us.

May 2019

LOVE YOU, thank YOU so much for YOUR … EVERYTHING. Kaliji’s insight and perception and teaching are priceless, invaluable, and so so so sweet. THANK YOU

May 2019

The time with you in Berlin was special. In your teaching I perceived a new depth that I loved and inhaled like the perfume of jasmine flowers….
May 2019

Everyday I thank Devi that I found Her… magic and miracles, love and compassion, touching the soul, that happens thanks to Devi’s grace, deep wisdom, humor and unconditional love…
Guru Mata Ki Jai, Kaliji,
may my service continues till my last breath…
Love and more ❤️💖💝🌸🌸🌸,
May 2019

Your smile makes my day and your love is the purest emotion I have ever felt.
Love you, Mataji

with love
Shreedhar & family
Mysore, India

I’m taking this moment to send you extra love and thanks for giving us this amazing practice and for you great patience with me. When I met you in 1988 I was a very different person. I truely love and appreciate all you’ve taught me, it may take me some years to figure out what you taught me but eventually I get it.
Feb 2019

All that is manifesting in this flow is because of the most magnificent gift of TriYoga you have given to me, to the world.

With deep love and gratitude,


Jaya Guru Devi

Feb 2019


YOU inspire me in ways I never knew I could be inspired or would want to be. 😊


Jan 5, 2019

YOU teach me how to stay in a satvic state, have a clear mind and so handle all the things that are important without being stressed.

Bad Tölz, Germany 2018

TriYoga is the magic key to so many doors :).

Bad Tölz, Germany 2018


JGD, Kaliji

You are a great blessing to me and to all.
Much love,

Los Angeles, USA 2018

Dear Kaliji,
Happy Kriyavati!
Thank you so much for being here on the planet to allow this beautiful energy to flow forth. Your presence, wisdom, inspiration, guidance, energy and bliss are transforming the planet one being at a time. Lucky for me, I get to be one of those beings!

I am continually amazed at the gifts this Flow brings and so satisfied to have someone like you there to point out the way, challenge my thinking, transform my body, and teach me to live in a ways no one else in the world is doing. You are a huge blessing to me.

I wish you a sweet Kriyavati on and on and on…with pranams to January 5, 1980.

Theresa, USA
January 5, 2018


Dearest Kaliji,
Today i am celebrating the beauty of your being and the gift you have brought to the world of this magnificent yoga!!!!!!!!
I love you deeply,

Jean, USA
January 5, 2018

Dear Kaliji,

Thank you for the inspiration that your presence has been for me. 

The radiance that u emit has and continues to be an inspiration for me. My deepest desire is to realize the full blown glory of my own magnificence and i look up to you with deep gratitude in my heart for your still presence.

Valli, CA , USA

July, 2017

Everyday I am grateful for Kaliji and TriYoga and all the blessings I have received. 
🕉💟 JGD
Narayani, USA
🌹🌷 Thanks for being on this earth and bringing such joy to my life. Will be flowing today with you and TriYoga more present than ever. Wishing you a year full of bliss,
With love and tons of gratitude,
Isabel, South Africa
April, 2017

Love you Kaliji.  Thanks for saving me from myself.
Anasuya, USA
March, 2017

Greetings Kaliji,
Thanks for all the special healing I received from your beautiful class.

Peace and Blessings

Earcine, USA
March, 2017

Jaya Guru Devi,
My biggest thanks to KAlIJI  for Her endless wisdom, for the light that She shines onto my path; for the knowledge She is sharing with me; for Her mercy and compassion that I have never seen in anyone else!!!!!!!!!!! There is so much I have to change and correct in myself! There is so much I have to make up! I don’t know how my life will develop in the future. Simply, now I know, I got a chance!!! Chance to live in the light and aspiration. And there is a desire to let that Light fill MY WHOLE LIFE!! PRANAM!!!
Irina, Cherepovets, Russia
Feb. 2017
I am so very grateful that you brought TriYoga into the world. What a lovely way to get into the Flow.
Keith, Germany
February, 2017

Santoshi, Rishi, Kaliji! Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Besides the many other blessings/benefits of basking in the TriYoga family for the weekend, a painful shoulder injury that I’ve been dealing with for 2 months has now gone away! Jai! 🙂
Leslie, Ohio, USA
Feb. 2016

Dear Nandi,
My daughter says this is the first time in years that no where in her body does she feel pain. I cannot thank you enough. Kaliji and you have been an expression of grace in her life. Thank you.
Southern CA, USA
Dec. 2015

Hi Nandi. Great class today. If we only did one posture for the whole class it would be enough, because of your thorough teaching. Joyful bow to you. Neti.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Dec. 2015

Kaliji, thank you for such a beautiful time spent in deep inner reflection, uniting body, mind, and breath and dissolving into the inner flow where true peace and joy reside. I am so touched by the thought that I have had the grace of your presence in my life for a number of years now and also, have had the privilege of coming to know the lovely souls who accompany me on my journey here in Portland and wherever truth seekers come together to study TriYoga. I love you and thank you for such a great weekend, dearest sister/friend/guru!

JGD, and with love, Joan
Portland, OR, USA
Nov. 2015

This is the best yoga…Relaxing, introspective and ultimately healing. The only yoga I like to practice. I’m grateful to have found it in my life.
Sept. 2015

You are the gift of bliss, in the sacred flow,
opening mystic doors, unveiling the truth,
making it real until we feel a spark ignite the magic sight
revealing our own pure inner light flickering in the brilliant glow of devi’s super conscious might.
Anasuya, USA
February 4, 2015

Jay Guru Devi Kaliji,

Blessings to the Supreme for inspiring you with Kriyavati 35 years ago. Utmost gratitude to you for surrendering to this inspiration, for developing it into the most beautiful spiritual practice and for sharing it so purely and generously with all of us!!!

Loving you,
Detlef Kopp, Germany
Jan. 8, 2015

On this night of Kriyavati anniversary, I have overflowing gratitude for the alignment of circumstances and energies on January 5, 1980, that allowed the most precious and important knowledge to flow through you and to appear at a moment in time when I am able to receive the wisdom so fully.

Thank you, Kaliji.
Thank you, Devi.
Thank you.
Theresa Shay, USA
Jan. 5, 2015

Hello Kaliji,

Once again I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your willingness to help so many along the path to wherever we need to go this lifetime. It’s simply a blessing to behold and I am so truly grateful.

Looking forward to our next contact.

Risa Fowler, USA
Dec. 20, 2014

Dear Kaliji … My life changed the moment i met you … darkness became 0 and the light 1 … my lucky number was always 2 … 2 + 1 =3 … the trinity … you gave me the right to be in the light … thank you … and you can be sure that i will take it forward to help other people.
indy, Dec. 2014

JGD Kaliji:
Have been wowing non-Triyoga yoga students with hip rotations. Such a simple practice, such an impact. Amazing how a natural movement should be such a revelation to some people. Thanks for making me appear a genius/miracle worker to certain members of the Berkeley YMCA!

Padma Priya, USA, 2014

Truly my life is changing because of TriYoga!

elpablito (Paul)

Santa Cruz, Jan. 2012


Your flows are a bliss to the world.

Jaya Guru Devi

October, 2011

This morning I was walking in the woods enjoying the snow while remembering when I met you the very first time at closure of my TT Basics in Zurich (August 2006)… suddenly you where in front of me, looked at me and said: Jaya Guru Devi… at that time I didn’t even know that I was stepping into a new world… today I feel it in all my cells and I’m moved to tears… that’s so GRAND!

From the very depth of my soul ~ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!


Switzerland, 2011

Hi Kaliji,

When I let You inspire me
the Smile grows to the sky
opening my inner eye
and I can see

the final goal
the soul

where everything emerges
the End of search

I´m being in the sea
the sea inside of me

How Lucky I am who have met YOU!


Sweden, Sept. 2011

You are smart as the bindu of great knowing, gracefully translated into words of wisdom I love to hear.

Deeply quiet feeling, listening to Kaliji ‘s vibrating energy, bathed in that ethereal light

You are Jaya Guru Devi.

Sept 4, 2011

What an incredible channel you are…
Truly a phenomenon!

Sept. 4, 2011

To be with you during a whole week was a profound experience for me.
I am grateful that TriYoga is such a wonderful guide
to do this step by step so my mind can get used to it slowly.

Switzerland, August, 2011


You are such a source of inspiration to me. I feel I learn so much just being in your presence.

J. Boston
May 18, 2011

Every day with you I learn more than I could imagine.
Just the way you craft each sentence is a full lesson.

Boston, MA
May, 2011

With TriYoga everything comes together. Thank You for giving so greatly. Now peace is reachable with every breath.

Sweden, 2011

Dear Kali ~

I think of you often, and always with gratitude and respect.

This aching world so needs your wisdom.

John Robbins
July 4th, 2010

Sat Nam, Jaya Guru Devi and Namaste and Hare Krishna dear Kaliji,

It was so great to take your class this time in NOLA.
It was delightful and very helpful to learn the actual flow properly.

I want you to know that I very much honor you for codifying this amazing system of using the bandhas in asana practice and linking it with break to move the life force through as well as teaching a quite complete Hatha yoga system in such an attractive and sweet way. It was an honor to have your association and a delight.

I hope to study with you again soon, and hopefully, maybe we could all dance together like devas after class to your gurudevas sweet music.

Very warmly and with deep respect,

Ananda Goldstein-Damerla M Ed.,Ph.D.(c) CHt, CLC,

Dear Kaliji,

When I came back home yesterday after meeting with you, a friend of mine had called and as I was speaking with her she wanted me to know that I sounded really “peaceful.” I told her that it was because I had just been in your radiant presence. I can’t seem to take my mind off of that radiance that you exude. I left you with only one thing, and that is the burning desire to use this life of mine to start looking within to try and reach that brilliant state that you are in. I am convinced that nothing else matters.

My deepest gratitude for your patience in answering questions and sharing your time and presence with us unconditionally. You are nothing but an absolute pure embodiment of love in its highest form and that is what I am aspiring to see in me. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you is just an ordinary word that expresses nothing of what I am feeling. Tomorrow, May 31st, is my 44th birthday and I think that the most remarkable thing has happened..truly a new beginning!!

May 30, 2010

Dear Kali Ray,

Heartily I write you to indicate my delight with TriYoga.
I am so enthusiastic because it changes my life.

I like to call it the Yoga of the future, because here in Germany many people doesn’t understand it.

For 40 years I have practiced Yoga and 20 years long I have taught Yoga. Starting with TriYoga about 18 months ago, I gained flexibility and calmness like in the 10 years before.

The serenity in the flows soaks into the body and changes it to a good health, even the spirit becomes fine.

Of course I write here things you know best within yourselves. Nevertheless, I would like to express my enjoyment and my gratitude for TriYoga.

Remaining thankful,

Your student,

Helga Winter

Germany, 2010

You are a Yogini, Kaliji, and we love you for it. We think about you everyday and how lucky we are to have the flows in our hOMe.

Tina, Elena, and Luci (our cat)

Thank you for all the help you have given me. I will never be able to express with words what your visit in October meant to me. I am so grateful for the time and the compassion I received.

Since your visit I transformed one of the rooms in my house into a yoga/meditation room…now I am never without the same comfort that room brings me at the TriYoga center.I also get alot of support from the teachers there and I am now grateful to be back in Iowa and so close to that center.

I visit the web-site often and I can see by the articles I have read I am one of the many people that have benefited from TriYoga and Kaliji’s loving spirit. It has been a blessing to rediscover TriYoga and it is a much deeper commitment for me now. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


October, 2009

Namaskar Kaliji,

TriYoga is a revelation for me.
Thank you very much for what you brought into this world.

TriYoga changed my life. I try to transform the systematical, precise and focused flow of TriYoga into my work and life every day a little bit more.

I share my experience with friends.
And now with the TY teaching certificate I will put it step by step into my professional life.

Thank you very much.



Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world!! Each day when I teach a TriYoga class I am filled with happiness and gratefulness that the flow has entered and transformed my life and that I am able to share the beauty of TriYoga with others!

It is so wonderful to see people change within only 90 minutes, and even when they arrive stressed, sad or really serious, they all leave the class with an open heart and a faithful smile on their face.. no matter what their age or background are, at the end of class they all flow within the same spirit….

It is such a gift to be able to make that happen…because of the knowledge, guidelines and integrity I got from studying in Santa Cruz at the TriYoga Center!

in the flow


Jaya Guru Devi

Kaliji is simply amazing. My love for you keeps growing and deepening. Your guidance of my soul’s journey intensifies (especially in your presence) and strengthens my belief that I am on the right path, the path with heart, bliss, and service.

In the flow
June, 2007

Namaste’ Kaliji,

I hold TriYoga in the highest regard and have a tremendous love and appreciation for it and the impact it has had in my life. I have begun a new path toward love now that feels like a graduation of sorts from many many fear-based lifetimes. I see this as one of my key spiritual purposes and I know that TriYoga was instrumental in creating this new reality and will continue to be a fundamental anchor and inspiration for me on my journey.

Thank you for your inspiration Kaliji. Last year was the first time I was able to study with you and that’s when TriYoga really clicked for me. You said something that forever changed my relationship to yoga. You said that ‘TriYoga was about practicing for flowing gracefully in life’. So, what can I say? I’m so inspired by flow as a spiritual practice and way of living.

FLA June ’06

This morning flew on my mat and felt the uncomparable beauty and truth in TriYoga Flows once again. Especially in Level 2, Series 3-2 felt really happy. There are so many small sequences radiating Sri Kaliji’s brilliant spirit. I do like it very much. It is easy and gives so much joy.

So just felt the spontaneous wish to express gratitude

Please go on creating such a beauty

Michael JGD

Dear Kaliji,

I have grown so much since I first started practicing TriYoga with you eleven years ago. The asanas, pranayama, and meditation that you’ve taught me over the years have put me in this place of wanting to discover even more about what/who I am. I thank you everyday for being a part of my life.

Thank you for sharing TriYoga with us all.

Jill, Oregon

October – Level 3 – intensive

Jaya guru devi Kaliji,

Ten days of such well balanced, graduated Level 3 flow practice gave me insights into many things like the annamaya kosha, how it is changed by the flows (cleaned and balanced – I feel I had hip, back and shoulder replacements!), how one needs less sleep, develops a keen sensitivity to the quality and energy of food and in fact anything one takes “in.” Many times during internal retention I experienced the white light we visualize in concentration charging up my spine to behind my eyes and up to the crown.

I love observing you teach as there is an infinite amount to learn about modifications, repetition and particularly pacing that always amazes me. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.


October 5, 2005

Dear Kali Ray!

Everybody who came to your workshop was very happy. Thank you for coming to Germany and for sharing your work with our yoga-students.

TriYoga Retreat, Hannover
Berufsverbandes der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland
(German Yoga Association)


Thank you for the wonderful class you gave on Prana Vidya…….What an excellent teacher you are…so universal in your delivery on simultaneous levels at one time…that it in itself is a joy to watch manifest through you. Thank you for the honor of witnessing that in such a small and personal venue. You are always in my heart.

Maha Deva
Lexington, KY

Jaya Guru Devi, Kaliji,

I always feel like a beginner when I come to you & learn so much. It’s a deeper sense of flow & meditation. The TriYoga you share is a great blessing to us all. It brings us to our Ananda. Words cannot convey the gratitude I feel for your grace & Blessings! Thank you for finding me in this life & teaching us.

Victory to the Goddess Mother! Pranams,

Lilavati OHIO
September, 2005

You have taken this very crippled body, and showed it ways to be happier from the inside out. To find the space between the breath…to hear the silence, expand in all directions…to trust the love and wisdom I am being granted through you…my teachers..my friends, my family.

Boston – September 2005

September, 2005

Since my husband regularly joins my TY-class he never again had a back problem!


August, 2005

I want to tell you that your friendly and spiritual way of teaching and your open and warm personality is a present for all the people who are searching and looking for wisdom and guiding on the yogic path.

Hari Om
Mikel, Germany

I am constantly amazed by TriYoga.
It is interesting to me that, after 9 hours of yoga this weekend, I am not really sore. I thought I would not be able to do much today! I am considering increasing my practice. What I saw this weekend was not exercise. I like that. The flow. I can feel it in a walk even.

John Mooter
Cincinnati Ohio

I love practising my asanas in flowing sequences, and the TriYoga Flows just made so much sense, not just to me but to people of different ages and levels of experience.

Viviane De Doncker

I told already some of the details in transitions to my students and they gave me a very beautiful idea that TriYoga is like a dance, without any stops with flowing breath, movements and best feelings,

Well, they are right,
Kateryna Bilyk

I have had the wonderful opportunity to take a few classes in TriYoga. I’ve never experienced a more beautiful or enlivening practice and would like to make it a larger part of my life.

Thank you.
Symma Finn

My goal is to deepen my understanding and practice of Kali Ray TriYoga for personal balance, harmony, and enlightenment. In the last year and a half that I have been practicing Kali Ray TriYoga, my life has been transformed. I feel healthier and more alive, and I’m rarely ill.

Kehaulani Proctor Pettersen

I saw a sign that said ‘yoga’. i signed up for the program.
Not knowing what kind of yoga, which did not matter anyway at the time. To me, yoga is yoga, you stretch, breathe a little and you feel good.

I did not know I was going to be taken to so many incredible sacred places that has enriched my life forever, when i entered the Kali Ray TriYoga program.

Dottie Hill

I haven’t been able to stop doing the flows since last weekend.
This is truly the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.
I can’t believe how powerful it is.

Melissa Leifer

A fellow instructor recommended the TriYoga system after I attended one of her classes. I really connected with the flows and movements. I ordered one of your tapes and really felt like the approach to Yoga was very grounded and safe. I started attending TriYoga classes. I really feel like the basics help teach students a good foundation, TriYoga always makes my body feel very balanced and present and I feel like it is so adaptable to a range of students and needs which is what I encounter so much in my teaching. Most important though is that I feel very complete and very drawn to this system. I have tried many styles and schools of Yoga and I feel very attracted the TriYoga system.

Monique Miller

This was a very special visit for me because I experienced the flow in the postures for the first time which has continued to carry over in my everyday life. I was (and still am) so peaceful inside and the struggle I sometimes feel transitioning from one event to another has been effortless and enjoyable. I have been to nine of your weekend workshops and each time I have gleaned different aspects of your teaching. This time in addition to incorporating words I was able to integrate feeling and it has changed everything for me.

I have always been delighted that TriYoga was a part of my life and now I am even more delighted. I can’t thank you enough for introducing it to me.

Portland, OR

From the very first time I walked into the Kali Ray TriYoga center in Santa Cruz three years ago to attend one of Yogi’s classes I knew that TriYoga was the way. The flow is so powerful and free I can feel the blissfulness flow infinitely. I always knew there was something special deep inside me, yet it was just a matter of time, experience and practice before I could find a way to tap into it. Luckily I flowed right into TriYoga.

Kimberly H. Reimann

Greetings TriYoga!

I have had many “false starts” in yoga in the past until I was introduced to Kali Ray’s TriYoga. I have consistently attended classes and trainings for the last year and it has enriched my life immensely.

I have been so amazed and gratified by the approach TriYoga takes to making “modifications” and the systematic progress that can by made by this form of Yoga.

This training allows me to more fully understand the postures, the breathing and how to get the most out of my own practice. The teacher trainings I have attended allow me to “immerse” myself in the practice for a longer period of time. They are wonderful!

TriYoga has made such a profound change in my life and I am just getting started! I am thrilled to have found this form of yoga at a time in my life (age 45) when I thought that my ability to physically change was declining! I had no idea the doors that would open inside myself through the practice of yoga. Thank you Kali Ray for this incredible gift.

Sydnie Smith

I love TriYoga because the flowing style works so beautifully. It creates immediate openings and awareness, while moving energy through the body so gently and safely. It creates fluidity and openness in the spine which I love. Also, I have been a dancer most of my life and this is dancing of the most beautiful kind.

I feel TriYoga will help me integrate much of what I have studied and learned in my life this far and will provide a rich and important path on which to continue growing and giving.

Anne Hughes

After 5 years of living, learning and teaching yoga in India I came to California and started to study TRIYOGA. It has transformed my whole yoga practice and become the basis of my teaching. For myself it has resolved blocks, particularly in my spine which years of previous yoga had not.

I am amazed about the transformative power of this yoga. I am very grateful for this precious gift ….

Cassandra Schmidt
Grass Valley, CA

I did a private with a lady who has been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and so many more ailments that her team of doctors has given up on her. She is in such a fragile state she was afraid to come to a class so we did a private. (She was afraid of the private too, but never said anything). I did the most basic of Basics with her, including breathing. And while she was in class, for the first time since her illness, she forgot about it all. Her mind and body found home – TriYoga. The next day I spoke to her and she was ecstatic!! She had called her whole team of doctors and told them about the class. For the first time she was able to feel her body like she use to when she was an active, vibrant person. She is calling it a miracle because she has tried everything else on the planet and nothing has worked. I told her a bit about the system and why it works – the spinal waves, the systematic approach, the founder… She knows she will be a student of TriYoga for life ….

Jasmin Jinn
Santa Cruz, CA

TriYoga is giving more life and joy to my teaching. TriYoga has a few aspects which I did not include in my previous way of teaching. The beauty and aesthetic of the flows, the mudras… It also gives me the chance to experience and develop it for myself. I am very thankful that I can continue on this path through using the written information. The manual has been important to me as it gives me continuity and consistent progress in my own yoga practice and in my teaching.

Roselyne Colin

I cannot express to you how thankful I am for TriYoga. I love teaching it, and I can see such incredible growth in my yoga students. And I am not nervous about teaching anymore. It is coming smoothly.

Learning to speak through the flows has actually helped me in my life and regular teaching job. My speaking abilities have improved, which has come through because of the economy of words and precision of speech from the TriYoga training.

Wendy Pincus
Levittown, NY

TriYoga is an excellent system for strengthening and improving the flexibility of the whole body. I like the meditative aspect of the flows. It is elegant and efficient to go through class gracefully and without the start-and-stop of many styles.

Nancy Paris
Cedar Rapids, IA

Thank you for putting together this superb system, It is beautifully suited to the human body.

In fact it is so good that even the most fumbling attempt to move through the flows produces great results.

Sherry Morton
Atlanta, GA

The strength and flexibility from TriYoga allow me to continue my practice of long distance running without suffering serious injury. I would love to introduce TriYoga to athletes as a way to maintain a healthy body and spirit while continuing a rigorous training schedule.

Nyssa Taylor

I love the grace and fluidity of the flows and how they keep you in the breath.
The focus of the work is transforming.

Christy Pipkin

It makes so much sense……..among its many benefits I think of – it feeds the desire to create art, it fulfills the longing to connect with the divine, it allows us to release old emotion tied up in our bodies, and its progression makes it possible for folks of all kind to see its benefits……


The TriYoga flows are so beautiful! I have no words except one: Kaleidoscope…. it’s like energy has a Bindu or center, which is Cosmic power ~ infinite ~ and from this Bindu comes all of these beautiful, geometric patterns of energy, changing one to the next, each connected, each so perfect in its form…. so mathematically precise, so energetically pure and uplifting and beautiful…. it manifests on so many levels! This is what TriYoga is, coming out of that great manifestation of Energy.. this is my experience… it is so amazing.

Nikita Gupta
Malibu, CA

Several things have attracted me to the TriYoga Teacher Training. I like the benefits for individuals based on the flow levels. It allows individuals the opportunity to practice yoga at their own pace and fitness level. I am also impressed by the supportive and friendly mentors and the self-paced study.


At the TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz, I enjoyed classes very much and learned a lot from each of them. I am very grateful to and impressed with all the TRIYOGA-people I met and the yogaflow, pranayama, meditations, and Chant Club have touched me deeply.
I feel the importance for me and my future life, that I had the occasion to meet Kaliji and I am very grateful for this chance.

I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.

So I want to thank you and all the others for everything I could experience.


July, 2005

Jai Guru Datta. I knew deep inside that when I took a class from you that it would be an initiation, of sorts, into Hatha Yoga and SriVidya. I was right; I have been unable to stop since the first class in the Datta Temple. It was a perfect space and perfect time. I cannot put into words how SriVidya is coming, but it seems to be unfolding from within the yogasanas. The process cannot be grasped with words, nor can the knowing be spoken at this point.

Again, my deepest gratitude for your part in my path.

Much much love,

Namaste Kali Ray,

I was fortunate enough to be at the International Yoga Teachers Association Conference in Singapore in September 2001 where you introduced your Triyoga Flows.

I then introduced some of the flowing postures taught to us by you at the conference into my Yoga classes. I feel it is one of the safest flowing sequences of postures to maintain suppleness and lead to highter spiritual attainment.

Jaya Guru Devi
Yvonne Armstrong
July 24, 2005

Kaliji, I am finding that when I get agitated I go into breath and mudra…the mudra has an extraordinary affect on me…..it brings an inner peace to both body and mind. I feel as though I am sealing in my energy and those that want to drain that energy cannot. In some difficult situations where I would unconsciously give my energy away, my hands go into mudra and my energy stays. This just started; it is extraordinary. Thank you.

19 June, 2005

I am very grateful for my teacher, Kaliji. After studying TriYoga for many years and having a regular asana practice, I now have a regular Prana Vidya and meditation practice also. With the addition of Prana Vidya and meditation I am feeling the beginnings of prana moving in my body, especially during Nada Pasyanti (sound light meditation). Years ago I had this same feeling when I would occasionally practice Prana Vidya but it felt so intense I was afraid of it and would sometimes faint. Now that I am consistent with Prana Vidya, the same feeling comes and instead of being afraid, I look forward to it and welcome it. The feeling I have is that every cell in my body is vibrating . . . changing me, renewing me. It brings me much joy.

After Prana washes over me . . . I feel creative and I hear guidance more clearly . . . and I am learning to expect guidance and I am learning to trust guidance and I am acting on that guidance and watching where it takes me.

I am reading Kaliji’s Prana Vidya manual and just now opened it up and I read: “Learn from the snake. Just as the snake sheds its old skin, in meditation the layers of the old self fall away. That which no longer serves a purpose, in our mind or life, falls away like the worn out skin of a snake.” This is what I am feeling more and more as I am consistent with Prana Vidya and meditation.

I also have been regular with eye exercises for over 6 months and my eyes are improving. I feel it won’t be long and I will not need glasses to read. I will keep Kaliji updated on my progress concerning my eyes.

I want to thank Kaliji for the opportunity to serve TriYoga with my cooking and sewing. When I cook for Kaliji and TY students and friends, a magic happens. Often the dinners are for fifty and more. I create these meals with very little help . . . not counting divine help, of course. During these times, time seems to suspend. The feeling I experience is that there is more time than tasks to do. I dance, chant, clean, chop, toss and cook all day and yet there is a stillness around me and in me. Others who help with these meals have also reported such an experience. The food is always amazing . . . I would have to say divine; divinely inspired, divinely delicious. Food that nourishes more than the body and mind but also our souls.

Thank you Kaliji for your love, your teachings and your consistency in my life. You are an amazing inspiration to me and so many others. Love, Jia Annapurna Saraswati

Namaste Kaliji,

You are often on my mind as I spend every morning with one of your “Daily 10″ dvd’s. So you are always present in my vision and heart. I feel that I have learned so much from you. For two months now, I have spent 1-1/2 hours every day with TriYoga, pranayama, and meditation.
I’ve learned a lot about my relationship to breath, really letting go, slowing down, attention to detail, and going within deeply.

After being a Kripalu Yoga teacher since 1992 (now taking a break from teaching), I thought I knew a lot about all that, but a real deepening is occurring and I am a beginning student. That feels like a good place to be. It has even affected my husband, who is 74, and he is now (after 12 years of being around me and yoga) beginning to do parts of your “Freeing the Spine” dvd. Thank you for sharing who you are and what you do so beautifully and heartfully, Kaliji.

A side effect to doing TriYoga consistently is that it has ruined my interest in any other style of hatha yoga, and I am giving away my video yoga collection. But that’s ok.

In the flow,
13 June, 2005

My dearest, beloved Kaliji,

The biggest, the sweetest action one can do in life is to give the Real Master charge over the essence, to surrender to the Sincere Teacher! You eliminate and dissolve any impurities. Thanks to you I realized the illusive nature of all the happening in the outer world. Whatever happens – it’s just another step on the Knowledge Way allowing us to expand still farther in love. Thanks to you I experienced myself a witness and understood that when the world is illusive+ only the witness is real. I Am Life!

Very often I have questions for you to ask and when I’ve already decided to write to you I get all the answers! Thank you!

The Love I feel towards you is not love-relationship” but Love-state” that you awaken inside of me. It’s not directed, but it’s just pure Love, that overfills me and vibrates and resonates especially strongly when touching with you.

You give an inimitable feeling of the absolute safety within constant changes, development and growing! No stagnancy, but eternal transformation and + safety! You give the true understanding of the real experience of just being”, not doing”… of performing without acting.

Your heart is the center, the eye of the whole Universe! Whatever tension I bring to the yoga mat it’s immediately dissolved by your caressing voice, that feasts the ears with fairy music like thin morning haze veils hills involving the soul into ecstatic limitless expansiveness awakening the internal flow. And the soul feels the waves of the flow, feels the Ens embowering it and lulling it in its cradle. And the body responds immediately with the greatest gratefulness and relaxation!

I love you so much! You make me so airy and vibrant! You – the biggest sparkling Pearl in a wonderful Necklace! The real Jewel of the Divine!

With all my love and devotion to you, my precious adorable Goddess Kaliji, my tenderly beloved Guru, I remain with

Best regards

In the Flow

Dear Kaliji,

Jaya Guru Datta.

Kaliji, Wanted to thank you for bringing a beautiful experience into our life. Last 10 days I was not able to do Yoga for some reason or the other. This has been bothering me greatly, but each day was passing by. Today I felt I had to do and was up early and started doing yoga with your DVD. As I was doing I felt my body literally sing, and my muscles smile and dance inside. As I am putting this in words I see it sounds crazy, but literally I felt that my body was a string instrument and as I was moving in the postures each of the strings were being plucked. The breath going in and out was a beautiful soothing breeze to the inside of the body. Also it felt as if this was the best kind of prostration and prayer I was offering with my entire body to the divine.

Thank you so much for this, as it is your teaching with the correct breath and flow that has made such a wonderful experience possible. I pray for blessings so that I may have the strength and determination to practice always.

Sri Guru Datta.
Bindu Lanka










Dearest Kaliji!

Jai Guru DeviDatta…

We want to say congratulations on concluding 25 years of Triyoga! We wish you the same success and happiness for years and years to come. Our beloved Appaji is with us every step of the way, guiding us on the right path always and forever! Thank you so much for providing our Datta group with the knowledge that you continuously share with us and with the wonderful DVD’s and CD’s that you have to offer. We have so much more to learn!

With best wishes always Kaliji!

Much love to everyone at Triyoga from our family!

Sri Guru DeviDatta…


Dear Kaliji,

I always get so much out of practicing with you. So often I think of so many things I want to tell you about the flows, the depth of Triyoga, but when I see you my mind is so still, I can’t think of any words, just “thank you.”

I see and hear about the benefits of Triyoga everyday from the people who attend my classes. The great majority are so loyal, some attend all the classes I teach every week. It builds such a solid foundation from the energy body outwards that progress is not only natural but has many health benefits.

This is all thanks to you!!!!

Jaya guru devi,

When I first met Kaliji, the beauty of her words and the TriYoga flows, and her compassionate heart inspired me to learn more. For the nearly 15 years that I’ve known her, my life has been uplifted and transformed repeatedly with the study and practice of TriYoga. During this time, I’ve also experienced the joy of teaching and seeing many students blessed with the grace that flows within our yoga practice. Kaliji shines radiantly as a glowing example, gently inspiring us to our own radiant peacefulness in all situations. Each TriYoga practice that we commit to do is another liberating experience to feel good in body, relaxed in mind, and uplifted in spirit, ultimately creating a more peaceful world.

Mary Kemper


...in the flow