TriYoga teacher travels to Ghana

///TriYoga teacher travels to Ghana

Ann McGinley, TriYoga teacher living in Malibu, CA, departed on March 14th for West Africa.

As part of a cultural exchange program between the U.S. and Ghana, school children from primary and secondary schools will have the opportunity to learn TriYoga. TY will be used to supplement their regular curriculum and emphasize stress-management techniques, personal hygiene, and open a dialogue between students in the U.S. on ahimsa, seva, and other aspects of TY philosophy.

Ann will be returning to her hometown of Chicago in April to work with a few classrooms in developing a bridge between children in the U.S. and developing countries, using the universal language of TriYoga as one component in her Global Citizens Initiative Project sponsored by Children Inspiring Hope. Watch for updates on the TriYoga site and also blog updates online at If you share in the passion of bringing TriYoga to children across the globe, Ann can be contacted at

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