Level 1 TYTT with Nandi in Central PA

///Level 1 TYTT with Nandi in Central PA

Nandi visited the TriYoga Center of Central Pennsylvania April 23-25, 2010 to present a Level 1 TYTT. Students from many parts of Pennsylvania, as well as from Illinois and New York, drove in for the event.

Three generations practice together: Level 2 TriYoga teacher Maretta from Chicago on the left, and Citrini, owner of the TriYoga Center of Philadelphia, on the right. Third generation TriYogi, flowing inside Citrini, will make its way into the world in October.

Nandi and her friend The Spine practice backward bending together.

TriYoga teachers Morgan and Jill look on as Nandi adjusts Gita, TriYoga teacher from western Pennsylvania.

Theresa led kirtan on Saturday evening.

Citrini’s son Jonathan plays drums with perfect technique while Godmother Theresa looks on.

Nandi and Theresa, who hosted the event, share a moment in the Pennsylvania evening air.

The Sunday group gets ready to part, full of smiles and gratitude for the great teaching and wonderful time spent together.


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