TriYoga Teacher Training in Korea

///TriYoga Teacher Training in Korea

TriYoga teacher training has started in Seoul, South Korea! John and Santoshi capped their four month, eleven country tour with their first teaching visit to South Korea and began the Basics teacher training program there. Yogini Kaliji visited South Korea in summer 2012 and planted the seeds for TriYoga to expand and grow. After three years, the time was ripe for trainings to begin and the TriYoga community to flourish.

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TriYoga teaching intern Jina Lee (left) was an amazing organizer, host and translator for John and Santoshi. Jina was part of the team that invited and hosted Yogini Kaliji. An experienced teacher of other methods, Jina Lee loves TriYoga and is eager for her yoga school to become the first TriYoga Center in Korea. Together with her student (and active teacher) Yong Ju (right), they studied with John and Santoshi each weekday and made absolutely amazing progress. John and Santoshi were highly impressed with their flow, their teaching skill, and their yoga knowledge. TriYoga and Korea are lucky to have such wonderful new interns!

On the weekend, Jina organized open workshops for students to experience multi-level flows and to learn more about TriYoga. The students loved the flow, and are eager to learn more from Jina, Yong Ju, and John and Santoshi.

Seoul offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities, and vegan Korean food is wonderful! There are a number of vegan restaurants in Korea, and an organic market was just across the street from John and Santoshi’s apartment.

John and Santoshi will return to Seoul soon to continue the teacher training program!

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