TriYoga Retreat with Kaliji at Kripalu

///TriYoga Retreat with Kaliji at Kripalu

TriYoga_Kripalu_group Over Memorial Day weekend (May 22–25, 2015) Kaliji offered a TriYoga program at Kripalu, the largest yoga retreat center in the USA.

The beautiful nature surroundings were the perfect setting for the TriYoga immersion. The four-day retreat included daily Yogaflow, Prana Vidya, Chanting and Jnana woven into each class. Brahmi (TYC Boston) and Gita (Indiana, PA) offered demonstration. Brahmi, who leads & organizes therapeutic programs at her TYC, demonstrated many ways to use props and modifications. Theresa (TYC of Central PA), Ganga (FL) & Katyayani (KY) offered alignment assistance. Dr. G shared more inspiring medical facts on Yoga Lifestyle. Mercury Max’s hypnotic mantra chanting deepened each Yoga Nidra journey.

Saturday & Sunday evening all sang along with Chant Club, enchanted and invigorated by Kaliji’s vocals and harmonium & Mercury Max’s vocals & drums. On Sunday, Brahmi’s husband Ira, a musician and singer, joined the band with his vocal harmonies and guitar. The youngest participants, Catherine and Gabriel, thought that it would be more fun to join Kaliji and sit in her lap! Returning to their mom, TY senior-level teacher Citrini, they clapped along and even asked questions. When Gabriel saw the image of Siva with snakes over his neck, he asked why, saying “Girls usually do not have snakes!” After chanting on Sunday night, many did not want to leave… They gathered around Kaliji for another hour of Jnana Q&A.

Experienced flow~ers and newcomers from various states came to join~ Some shared their experience of something magical and transcendent during each class and in Kaliji’s presence. Others, who have gone through challenging health issues, could not hold back tears of gratitude. The program also included Happy Birthday songs led by Kaliji to celebrate the birthdays of Citrini, Jessi (student of Bhakti Lila (PA), who came to meet Kaliji for the first time) and Natalie from the Berkshires. Walks in nature were a perfect compliment to the programs and the expanding flow of TriYoga.
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