TriYoga Retreat in Krasnodar, Russia

///TriYoga Retreat in Krasnodar, Russia

Krasnodar group
Inspired after Kaliji’s recent visit to Moscow, Shanti Sveta and the TriYoga Community in Nevinnomyssk, Russia, organized a weekend retreat to the Black Sea June 5-12.

Twelve participants (including two children) took the six-hour minibus ride to Arkhipo-Osipovka in Krasnodar for a weekend of flows, prana vidya, nada, and satsang.

Participants enjoyed daily morning Prana Vidya practice on the beach from 7-8am. Despite the early time, the beach was already quite active with people, yet everyone was completely immersed in their practice. Even the birds walking near the mats seemed to be entranced and walked quietly nearby.
During one asana class, a local cat decided to join the flow! The three-hour practice passed in a flash– all were in the flow and felt the unity of space, sky, sun, and the wonderful scents of blossoming trees.

After the evening class, all joined together for kirtan. Shanti writes: “Words can not describe the energy flow of the Divine … it filled the entire space. It was so much! I could hardly control what played and sang, my fingers over the keys bouncing. I just wanted to stop and be reverently silent, then enjoy the marvelous bliss, light and joy …. all felt the same. When everyone went out into the street, in the sky we saw a huge yellow full moon. It was a full moon!”

The weekend program also included partner stretch. Everyone was very attentive to each other, communicated with each other and learned to be empathetic, helping their partner to deepen the asana while getting maximum relaxation. Because of a lightning storm in the area, the power went out during yoga nidra, and all felt this darkness and quiet contributed to their total relaxation.

The last day included flows shown by Kaliji in the latest online KRIYA class. Everyone loved to experience this new DEVI flow!

All participants received a huge boost of energy, knowledge and blessing of the Divine Flow. Everyone really felt the presence of Yogini Kaliji in the classroom and the community! Inspired, elated and filled with DEVI energy, all thanked Shanti for organizing and conducting the seminar. All were grateful to the knowledge and the Divine Flow, which gives us Yogini Kaliji and inspires such a wonderful event!

After a final dinner together, all boarded the bus and began the journey home to Nevinnomyssk. It was a gala day and an endless string of cars on the road and it took more than three hours to drive 15 miles! All the way home, the group kept a positive attitude, chanting and sharing stories of TriYoga together. At 12 o’clock at night we reached Nevinnomyssk and our driver was surprised to see that he was not tired, despite the long journey. Everyone decided that his feeling was due to the positive FLOW of the TriYoga group and the DEVI energy they shared with him.

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