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TriYoga with Gina

June 25-29, 2016



This year was the second anniversary of the first TriYoga retreat center in China, located in the mountains of Guangdong province.

The property is in a wilderness area and is about 1000 acres large.


It belongs to Ma Xin Mei , TriYoga Junior teacher and her husband, Zhou Piao.

When the land was purchased there were no structures upon it and Zhou Piao has worked tirelessly to create simple cabins, a kitchen and a covered community gathering area, a Triyoga studio, bathrooms, and is currently working on other structures. His vision is a healing retreat center in the heart of nature where one can stay, practice TriYoga  and meditation, and reconnect with nature.  There are many trails and opportunities for hiking and swimming, too.

Zhou Piao has begun to develop an organic farm and the produce is superb, especially the pineapples! He encourages people to come stay and volunteer to help with projects in exchange for an opportunity to live in nature for a while.

This year as part of the anniversary celebration TriYoga teachers, students, organizers and  friends were invited to participate and come together to share ideas about how best we all can work together to more broadly share and promote awareness of TriYoga in China. There was a large group seminar and all were invited to share their ideas. Ideas included: how to bring awareness of the benefits of TriYoga into the medical field, to elderly people, to young people, to pregnant women and into corporate settings; how to recruit people with promotional skills and market research skills in order to discover how to reach out to different types of groups; for teachers to offer promotional workshops for different types of groups; to learn more deeply about TriYoga Lifestyle and for our TriYoga Centers be an educational resource and supportive community for people who want to shift to a vegan diet.

A highlight of the event was for the group to Skype with Kaliji and receive her blessings!
It seems that Retreat Centers such as this one are much needed in our world today with the stress and pollution of all kinds of modern existence. The need for such places will only increase as individuals look for balance, healing and renewal. Kudos to Ma Xin Mei and Zhou Piao for gifting this resource for all to enjoy!

After the celebration was over 16 students stayed on at the TriYoga Retreat Center to participate in the TriYoga Prenatal Workshop lead by Gina. Over the course of three days students learned about what to expect during the 4 trimesters of pregnancy and what to practice during each trimester.  They experienced TriYoga Prenatal flows and Chair Flows. In addition, as part of the nutritional component, they learned how to make green smoothies and how to make nourishing milks from nuts and seeds to provide a nutritional boost.

We had a lot of fun and to immerse ourselves fully into the experience during the third trimester we all grew a large belly!

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