TriYoga Prenatal Workshop in Beijing

///TriYoga Prenatal Workshop in Beijing



During the recent three-day Prenatal workshop in Beijing, students had the opportunity to experience TriYoga flows that especially address the needs of pregnant women.

TriYoga teacher (and nurse) Gina writes:

“We learned all the physical challenges faced in each trimester and how to use our knowledge of TriYoga flows to transcend or alleviate them and how our consistent practice of TriYoga flows throughout pregnancy can help the birthing process to be smooth and minimize potential difficulties. Students learned how to prepare themselves physically and mentally for their role as mothers through TriYoga flow, mudra, pranayama and meditation. Guidance was provided so that each woman could work on principles to personalize her practice based on her own unique needs.”


Students learned how a vegan, whole food, plant-based diet provides optimum nutrition for mother and baby, as well as being the best protection against complications that can arise from exposure to environmental toxins. As part of their time together, the group made green smoothies and nut and seed milks which together provide a very broad range of optimal nutrition to supplement the pregnant woman. Gina spoke about the addition of unhulled soaked sesame seeds to plant milks due to the high content of calcium, iron, and folate which are nutrients that every pregnant woman is encouraged to supplement. Participants learned that the walnuts, almonds, and chia seeds in the nut milks were loaded with omega-3 fats (also known as Vitamin F) and have high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, calcium and other important vitamins and minerals such as iron and protein.

Gina also presented on the importance of breastfeeding and its incredible advantages for baby’s optimal development compared to formula. The group explored how the practice of TriYoga Flows and plant-based diet together help to maximize the breast milk supply.


Congratulations Gina on the arrival of your grandson!  It is great the TYTT in China completed in time for you to arrive with the newest arrival in your family. Nice Flow!

Gina: “Absolutely had thought I was to be there after the fact… and had the added joy of being present for birth and support grandma for big sister”.

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