TriYoga on Long Island, NY

///TriYoga on Long Island, NY


On March 9, Kaliji returned to Long Island’s TriYoga community.



Saturday’s flow class at Balance Yoga combined new and experienced TriYoga teachers and students.


The evening was celebrated with a delicious vegan dinner at Diana’s home and later with unique sounds of chanting, Kaliji playing the harmonium, Kara on the guitar and Ned on the digerido. The visit was short but very sweet.


Local teacher Jean (on left) wrote :

“As a TriYoga teacher it was a complete thrill to have Kaliji teach a workshop at the studio where I teach. A group of us waited with excitement in the lobby of the studio, when Kaliji entered the lobby became so bright, it was as if the sun had dropped down and paid us a visit. I watched my students bathed in sunshine, we laughed together, flowed together, experienced the gift of a master Yogini.”

Another student, Joanne, wrote:

Thank you Kaliji for coming to New York and teaching our class. Your commitment and love for TriYoga shines through so effortlessly. It was beautiful to watch you flow. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Just listening about all of your expertise and experience was truly amazing. I am so thankful to have found TriYoga for it has given me a sense of calm and joy that has been missing from my life. ~Namaste, Joanne

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