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There has been a lot of TriYoga news in Australia! John recently completed Basics and Level 3 teacher trainings in Cairns—congratulations to the six new Basics teachers and to Dagmar Hirsch and Pene Foord for Level 3 certification. Also, TriYoga has a new official community: TriYoga Community Cairns, organized by Dagmar.

Last July, Cairns teacher Dagmar Hirsch organized a Basics teacher training and began her internship with John and Santoshi to join the TriYoga Teacher Training staff. After John and Santoshi taught the first week of the training, Dagmar continued over the next eight months, preparing the group for certification. From March 13–25 of this year, while Santoshi was teaching in Barnaul, Siberia, John traveled to Cairns and completed the final week of the training.

John and Santoshi loved the group’s camaraderie, eager attitude, and positive energy, and were very impressed with Dagmar’s training skills and her commitment to her students, the quality of the training, and increasing her own TriYoga knowledge.

New teachers demonstrating their skills with flow technique, alignment assistance, and practicum.


Most teacher training interns take many notes, but new teacher Julie took this to a new level. She created amazingly detailed and complete notebooks for every series, recopying each line of the manual with her corresponding verbal cues and flow notes next to it.


Dagmar completed her Basics and Level 1 training in her native Germany before moving to Cairns with her family. In just a few years, Dagmar has fostered a large and diverse TriYoga community, with groups from Basics–Level 3 in a number of locations in the Cairns area.


After completing the Basics training, John continued with four days of Level 3 as a certification final for Dagmar and Pene. Pene (pictured above), director of TYC Ballarat, Australia, first discovered TriYoga at the Singapore Yoga Conference in 2001 after having taught yoga for many years.

Beginning with Pene’s first invitation in October 2013, John and Santoshi have made two visits to TYC Ballarat and three to Cairns, completing teacher trainings in Basics, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. By organizing these program and hosting John and Santoshi, Dagmar and Pene have show great commitment not only to their own development as TriYoga teachers, but to their own students’ development in the flow.

In addition to Dagmar and Pene, the Level 3 attracted a strong group of local students and teachers.



The natural beauty of Cairns makes it a wonderful location for TriYoga practice.

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