TriYoga with Nandi at TYC of Central PA

///TriYoga with Nandi at TYC of Central PA

Senior-level teacher Nandi traveled to TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania over Halloween weekend to teach Prana Vidya, Yogaflow, and TriYoga Therapeutics to the many teachers and students gathered.

As a surprise on Halloween, a cluster of Kaliji’s gathered to welcome Nandi to the center. On the arm of Mercury Max, she entered truly surprised at the scene.

The program began with Level 3 Prana Vidya, completing with a wonderfully expansive meditation. Everyone enjoyed learning from Nandi’s guidance, demonstrations, and assists.

TriYoga with Nandi in TYC Central PA


With the help of a very flexible model of a spine, Nandi mesmerized all with explanations and details of the anatomy of the Flow. TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania director Theresa discovered many new openings while serving as Nandi’s demonstrator.



TriYoga with Nandi in TYC Central PA


Nandi was present to see snow on the pumpkins, as well as beautiful Central Pennsylvania sunshine illuminating the center.


The group shared scrumptious vegan meals and many hugs over the weekend.

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