Level 2 Training in Samsø, Denmark

///Level 2 Training in Samsø, Denmark


After leaving Moscow, John and Santoshi traveled from Moscow to the little island of Samsø, Denmark to complete a Level 2 teacher training. The “D’s” began the training in March 2013, and continued with the second session last September. This diverse, close-knit, and and super fun training group made the training a very memorable experience. Everyone enjoyed the intense immersion into the Water flow, the supportive camaraderie in the training, the endless laughter, the delicious plant-based group meals, the coziness and comfort of the retreat center, the natural beauty of Samsø, and especially the ice-cold swims in the North Sea!

Congratulations to TriYoga’s five new Level 2 teachers from Denmark, Sweden and Germany—all of whom are full-time teachers and sharing TriYoga on a daily basis. Pictured above with Santoshi (center) and John are (from left to right) new teachers Ida, Malene, Kathrin, Anette, and Birgitte. Also pictured (far right) is Level 2 teacher Uma from Germany, who joined the fun for the final training meeting.

In just a year, the training group made wonderful progress with the Level 2 and with all of their teaching skills. Each of these new teachers are great examples of the power of systematic learning and practice, and they will carry this experience to their students as they continue with their Level 2 teaching.

During each of the three training meetings, the group made an evening journey to watch the sunset. This year, instead watching from the beach, they packed tea and cookies and walked to a nearby viewpoint that overlooks fields and forests out to the coast.

A half-day was scheduled during this session to allow time for adventure, so the group made an afternoon journey to the north of Samsø. A walk to the top of Ballebjerg—the highest point in Samsø at 210 feet—was followed by a walk down to the beach for a chilling, invigorating, and very brief swim! Afterward, the group enjoyed homemade chocolate and vegan pizzas in the village of Nordby.

The train­ing was held at Sol­glimt house in Traneb­jerg, Anette’s home and retreat center. The fields surrounding the house and the view from the sadhana room window are beautiful in every season.


A gentle evening over fields near the village of Tranenbjerg. The island has unique beauty that perfectly complements a retreat into the teacher training flow. The island, while only 15 miles from the Danish mainland, offers a very peaceful sensation of seclusion. Although Copenhagen is only a 2.5 hour flight from Moscow, Santoshi&John’s entire journey from Moscow to Samsø by plane, train, bus, ferry, car, and foot lasted over 12 hours—about the length of a flight from Moscow to Los Angeles!


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