TriYoga in Vienna with Yogini Kaliji

///TriYoga in Vienna with Yogini Kaliji

TriYoga in Vienna with Yogini Kaliji

April 27-May 1, 2016

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Following the Berlin program, Kaliji traveled to Vienna where she gave a weekend program at Austria Yoga Association—Yoga Austria BYO.

The program included Yogflow® and Prana Vidya interwoven with Jnana and Kaliji’s unique humor.

TY Teachers, students and friends traveled from many parts of Austria. One of the attendees shared,  “It was a wonderful experience, also to feel the great common spirit awakening in the complete group – the joy in the breathing, the rhythm in the movement, the intensity in the silence (and the chattering ;). I am deeply grateful and humbled in being part of this.

Ganga and Tanja offered alignment assistance. Peter demonstrated, and Mitradeva provided translation.

Special thanks to Nora, president of Austria Yoga Association, for the wonderful organization. Kaliji was also happy to see Erika, who met Kaliji in 2004 during her very first program in Austria. Erika invited Kaliji to do a program with Yoga Austria-BYO the following year.

Kaliji also visited the beautiful TriYoga Center Vienna, directed by Tanja and Peter. The Satsanga included Jnana Q&A. Berni, Chant Club® guitar player and Level 2 TY Teacher, was at the event, offering music accompaniment. Also featured were vegan desserts and special lattes by Peter.

Kaliji was asked to give a TY demonstration. The Devi Dance left all spellbound and in awe.

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Kaliji had a chance to enjoy the spring blooms of Vienna.

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