Basics TYTT with Eva-Maria in TYC Bad Tölz

///Basics TYTT with Eva-Maria in TYC Bad Tölz

May 1–4 senior level teacher Eva-Maria from Berlin continued the Basics Teacher Training at TY Center Bad Tölz. This group is just an incredible laughing kriya group;-). It also includes a trinity as 3 students have the same name: Christina. 

TriYoga Teacher Training with Eva-Maria



Back row: Sybille, Jana, Rabea, Sylvia, Marianne, Christina
front: Christina, Christina, Tina






Jana, the youngest participant in the group, had the exam to enter University the following week. She was nervous and thought she might need to study the whole weekend, but instead she joined the teacher training. At the end she felt so relaxed, happy and very confident to take the important exam on Tuesday May 6th.


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