TriYoga in Taiwan

After leaving Australia on October 9, John and Stef made their 5th trip to Taiwan for Basics teacher training and workshops in Chiayi City.

This year’s teacher training included 5 students who have been practicing TriYoga since the first teacher training in 2008. Host and Level 3 teacher Judy Lin has inspired many to study TriYoga and to join the teacher training program.

TriYoga continues to work with the OKIDO organization. John and Stef gave a day-long workshop at Julia Lai’s yoga studio near TaiPei. Students included several who came to Santa Cruz in 2010, and others who traveled to mainland China in September for Kaliji’s viist.

The visit concluded with a TriYoga demonstration at the Community Health Day in Chiayi, attended by over 2000 people! Other activities included a group bike ride, health and fitness programs, and a magician.

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