TriYoga in Shenzhen, China

///TriYoga in Shenzhen, China

Following the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong, Kaliji made the short trip across the border to Shenzhen in Mainland China. The Chinese TriYoga family was thrilled to have Kaliji visit for the second time in 9 months.

Kaliji was hosted by TriYoga teacher Jing Li (Jojo), one of Kaliji’s first students in Shenzhen. Jing Li was the first to invite John and Stephanie to China, hosts Eva-Maria’s trainings every summer, and was thrilled to have Kaliji return to her studio.

The two days of workshops were filled to capacity with students, teachers, and newcomers to TriYoga. Kaliji taught a perfectly-paced practice for students of all levels.

Jojo and Kaliji with one of the many beautiful advertisements for Kaliji’s visit.

Each workshop was attended by at least 70 students, filling the studio to capacity.

Kaliji offered a flow demonstration and gave talks on many subjects, including a beautiful talk about ahimsa (non-violence) and the importance of a plant-based vegan diet.

Chinese students take advantage of every opportunity to record Kaliji for future study. Kaliji’s demonstration held everyone captivated and left them inspired!

Teacher trainer and translator Kiki joined the tour in Hong Kong and translated all of Kaliji’s programs in Shenzhen.

Many students and teachers attended an amazing dinner with Kaliji at a local vegetarian restaurant. For the Chinese, every event is an opportunity for hugs and photos! First one student hugged Kaliji…

Then another…

and finally everyone joined!

Kaliji’s Shenzhen visit included two studio visits. At Hai Yan’s yoga studio, attendees were incredibly lucky to witness the miracle of kriyavati.

Some students could not believe their eyes!

Kaliji with TriYoga teacher Jane (far left) and studio owner Hai Yan (next to Jane). Their sattvic yoga studio is a perfect home for TriYoga.

While in Shenzhen, Kaliji also inaugurated the new home for TriYoga Center Shenzhen. Studio owner Grace (right) has created a beautiful space for TriYoga classes and teacher trainings. Kiki will oversee all TriYoga teacher training and workshops.

108 students and teachers attended the grand opening, and Kaliji was welcomed with a red carpet, confetti and lots of excitement!

Kaliji inaugurated the new TriYoga Center with chanting and question/answer.

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