TriYoga in Shantou

TriYoga is spreading throughout China! John and Stef were recently invited to Shantou, a city on the southern coast of China near Shenzhen, for a weekend workshop. The organizer and host was Qin Hong, a Basics and Level 1 teacher who attended John and Stef’s trainings in Shenzhen in 2010. Qin Hong runs a yoga studio in Shantou and has been teaching TriYoga there ever since.

20 students attended the 10 hours’ practice of asana, pranayama, and mudra.

Students and teachers of many different yoga styles enjoyed experiencing familiar postures in new ways.

The local news program came to do a report on the workshop– students say this is the most popular program in Shantou and that everyone will see the flow!

Stef was asked by the crew to do a short demonstration of postures suitable for “workers and office people”. The camera-man was careful to get every detail of the flow!

(from right) Host Qin Hong;translator Kiki; Jin Hua, a Level 1 teacher from the 2010 trainings in Shenzhen; and teacher Yao Xing, currently attending the entire 400 hour teacher training in Shenzhen. Yao Xing generously provided her car for transportation and helped to drive the TY team to Shantou.

Qin Hong’s teenage daughter NanXi made a fabulous, 10 course meal for the entire group after the Sunday program. She has been vegetarian since birth, and postponed returning to her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help her mother host the event.

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