TriYoga in Sebastopol, CA

///TriYoga in Sebastopol, CA


Kaliji’s birthday celebrations started early with a trip to Sebastopol, north of San Francisco, to visit the studio of Senior Teacher Kashi. Kaliji took this photograph as she drove with Nandi and Tarini into Marin County.




5 three-hour workshops were completely full with local students, and visitors from San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Davis, and even Chicago. The topics included Yogaflow, Prana Vidya, and Nada woven together by the Jnana flow…


Nandi, Tarini, and Kashi assisted throughout the programs.


Here, Kashi assists senior teacher Kamala who traveled from Davis for the weekend.



Nandi and Tarini helped students of all levels feel the relaxation of good alignment.


Jia Patton, a longtime student and a vegan chef (visit her website here), traveled from the mountains near Santa Cruz to share her joy with all.


On Saturday evening, Satsanga included awesome Jnana and Chanting. Kaliji, on harmonium and vocals, was accompanied by Sahar Pinkham on tabla (visit his website here). The Devi Yoga Center was completely full, and everyone was very happy.


Two young children attended with their parents. They both were focused and chanting the whole time. Afterwards Kaliji spoke with them, sharing her observations of their intent involvement. The little girl and Kaliji were discussing how they both at a young age wondered “How did I get here and where was I before I got here?”


Kashi has inspired a lovely and lively TriYoga community in Sebastopol.

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