TriYoga in San Javier, Spain

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May 1-8, 2018

San Javier, Spain

Santoshi was on the Mar Menor in Spain for a week-long TriYoga retreat, organized by Ukranian teacher Svetlana (who moved to Spain last year) and Ekaterina, who lives in Vienna.

The area is known for its clean air, restorative waters, gentle climate and natural beauty.

Participants from Ukraine and Spain included plant-based chef Lara, who has a vegan food truck that she brings on Saturdays to a nearby farmer’s market, and several local yoga teachers who were excited to experience TriYoga for the first time. “This is real yoga,” said one after her first class.

Vegan meals were prepared by Svetlana and her husband Gena, and were a delicious combination of Spanish and Ukrainian cuisine—borscht and burritos, local artichokes and blini, Spanish paella and Ukrainian pumpkin soup. Each evening concluded with tea from an authentic antique samovar, which kept the tea hot for hours.

Four cats live with Svetlana and Gena and enjoy an extensive system of tunnels and balconies, so they can be outdoors  safely. Tishka and Mara liked to come out on “the balcony” in the evening and join the dinner conversation, and Misha liked to come to Santoshi’s room each afternoon for siesta.

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