TriYoga in Norfolk, VA

///TriYoga in Norfolk, VA

March 27-29 ~ John and Stephanie, teachers at the Santa Cruz TriYoga Center,
taught Basics through Level 2 and Practicum workshops at The Space Above
in Norfolk, Virginia. John and Stef began their TriYoga study in Norfolk,
and it was a wonderful experience to return and share the Flow. All
workshops were well attended, including six TY teachers from Norfolk and North Carolina.

The Space Above, recently opened by Lisa Meer-Lewis and Kim Austin-Peterman,
is a beautiful and inspiring space and offered a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere for the workshops.

Shown are Kim Austin-Petermen (co-owner of the Space Above), Jay Levy (TY Basics Teacher from NC),
John, Stef, Brian (TY Basics Teacher, Norfolk), Lisa Meer-Lewis (co-owner of The Space Above), and
Susan Levy (TY Basics Teacher from NC)

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