TriYoga in Macau


TriYoga teacher Zhang Li gave the first TriYoga workshops in Macau! The program included two different workshops on July 4 & 5, and included 25 and 17 people respectively. Many students came for both workshops, at the popular studios “Yoga World” and “Heart Yoga and Dance Association”.


Participants included students and teachers of various yoga styles, and they had many questions about the breath, the postures, and the connection between them. They were also entranced by mudras, and felt the energy flow.

Zhang Li, who was in the first class of teachers in China, has studied extensively with the D’s, at the TYC Santa Cruz, and with Kaliji. She showed them Basics through Level 4 — and they were eager to see more!


The workshops were organized by Wei Ying, who commuted from Macau for teacher trainings in Shenzhen, and is certified through Level 1.

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