TriYoga in Macau

December 3-4, 2016

Macau, China


During a break from the ongoing Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen, TY Teacher Kiki was invited to give a workshop in Macau, and a private class to the YogaWorld studio owner Sabrina (also known as Lily).

The workshop was 15 participants– some who had practiced TriYoga before and some who had yet to experience it.  They had a special request– they wanted something physically challenging, so Kiki taught a Level 2 flow!  Kiki writes: ” I was very impressed that people kept their focus very well the whole time.  More people in Macau are getting interested in learning more TriYoga!”

Kiki_Macau_GroupWen Ying (back row, right side in a gold shirt), the first TY teacher in Macau and the bridge to the teacher trainings now happening there,  is so thoughtful and  prepared well-printed bilingual TY workshop flyer, and gave the Chinese-language TriYoga book& DVD to each participant as present!


Sabrina also had a special request– for Kiki to go over Series 4 from Basics with her– as she had missed this series during the recent Basics Teacher Training in Macau.  Kiki was glad to show her the air series, and said her flow was very good 😉


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