TriYoga in Liuzhou, China

///TriYoga in Liuzhou, China

TY Teacher Kiki traveled to Liuzhou, China to give the first TriYoga workshops in that city.  Most of the participants were new to TriYoga and enjoyed the 2-day, 10-hour introduction.

Each day began with Level 1 Prada Vidya practice.  Kiki writes:

“Prana vidya is such a powerful tool that bring more focus within, therefore everyone was very concentrated the whole time…
..With this foundation of concentration, even the new students found they could do a Level 1 flow on the first day and  continued to Level 2 + a bit of Level 3 the 2nd day… everyone maintained sattvic flow.”
Kiki was joined by the TriYoga teachers of Guangxi province: Mo Chang (who traveled 2 hours by train from Naning to join the workshop), A Chun, A Bao, and Qin Ting.
The workshop was organized by TY Teacher Qin Ting (in green shirt to Kiki’s left) and her partners at FeiFan Yoga Studio.  Kiki calls them “3 Happy Ladies”.
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