TriYoga in Lanzhou, China

///TriYoga in Lanzhou, China

The first weekend in February, TriYoga teacher Liya invited Kiki to Lanzhou, a city in the far northwest of China. The three-day program was hosted by Lanzhou HengHe Yoga studio.


Mrs. Tan, Kiki, and Liya visit some sites in Lanzhou.

The 22 participants showed great focus throughout the three-day workshop. Because of this strong concentration, Kiki could systematically introduce Basics through Level 2, and they could experience the safe, effective progressions.


Many of them expressed their strong interest in deepening their study of TriYoga and shared these testimonials:
“Til I met TriYoga, I realized how wild my yoga practice was…” “TriYoga is my best yoga experience” “Thanks Kiki for sharing everything without holding back!”


The weekend included videos of KALIJI’s Devi Dance and mudra flows, and a gift of a Mercury Max CD from TriYoga! Students also received Kiki’s Chinese TriYoga book and video—so they can continue their practice at home.


Mrs Tan and Liya, with support and guidance from Kiki, have announced a series of weekend workshops to systematically teach TriYoga, so the participants can continue their TriYoga journey. In this way, the small TriYoga Community in Lanzhou, which at first was only Liya!, will continue to grow and flow.

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