TriYoga in Kyoto

 Kyoto, Japan

July 15-23, 2017

Santoshi returned to Tamisa Studio in Kyoto, Japan for ten days of TriYoga programs.

The weekend schedule focused on Physical and Subtle Anatomy while incorporating Yogaflow, Prana Vidya, and Teaching Methodology & Practicum.

TriYoga teacher Toshi offered outstanding translation.

As part of the course on Ahimsa Lifestyle, the group joined for a vegan pot-luck lunch.  Each student excitedly presented their home-made or store-bought dish.  They were amazed by how delicious and plentiful the vegan diet is.

During the week, Santoshi taught TriYoga classes at both branches of Tamisa studio, all filled to capacity with students, new visitors, and teachers from previous trainings. During the flight from the USA to Japan, Santoshi enjoyed a conversation with one of the flight attendants who was interested in yoga and in transitioning to a vegan diet.  They shared contact information, and the next day the flight attendant wrote, asking about class schedule!  Three days later, she flew again into Osaka and took the train to Kyoto for the morning class, and says she is going to look for TriYoga in every city she flies to.

Santoshi’s visit to this beautiful and refined city also coincided with one of the largest festivals in Japan: the Gion Matsuri.  During this period, huge wooden floats are constructed and paraded through the oldest regions of the city.


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