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TriYoga with Santoshi

Kyoto, Japan

July 16-24, 2016

Kyoto_GroupSantoshi went to Tamisa Yoga Studio in Kyoto, Japan as part of the ongoing TriYoga Teacher Training program there.  She offered a 50-hour course for Yoga Alliance certification, which included Physical and Subtle Anatomy, Prana Vidya Ahimsa Lifestyle, Nada Yoga and the Art & Science of Yogaflow.

The interns from the Basics teacher training joined, as well as students from previous trainings who attended parts in order to deepen their knowledge and their connection to TriYoga.

Students were fascinated to learn more about the physical and subtle structures of the body, and to put that knowledge to practice use in their teaching.  One student was amazed that she had “these dinosaur bones” in her own spine and posted a picture of a dinosaur skeleton in the shared group chat.  They also learned about their “clever” t-shirts, and used them to understand the relationship of nadis and cakras.


They were all so excited to get their TriYoga t-shirts and share their TriYoga smiles!

While there, Santoshi had time to explore the beautiful, ancient city of Kyoto, which is easily navigable by foot and by public transportation.  Every day she walked along the Kamo river, which bisects the city.  She met different animal friends along the way, included this turtle who greeted her daily, and cranes that flew along the riverbanks.


One of the big highlights of the time together was a Skype session with Yogini Kaliji where she explained the relationship of the cakras and the five senses. The students loved her clear, logical explanations.  This feast for the mind was followed by a feast for the body– a pot luck vegan lunch!  Even students who could not attend the lunch sent treats to share, and one intern found a great cookbook for preparing delicious, every day foods with common ingredients.


本当にありがとう Hontoni Origato and big big thanks to the Tamisa team– Basics intern and translator  Toshi, Basics teacher and translator Maaya, and Basics teacher and studio owner Yoko, who also translated two of Santoshi’s weekday classes.   In addition to running two successful yoga studios, Yoko also owns two vegan cafes (and is consulting on a third!) and is raising three beautiful children.

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