TriYoga in Kyoto, Japan

///TriYoga in Kyoto, Japan

Chinese teacher Kiki Xue traveled to Kyoto, Japan for the Yoga Smile Conference on October 8th. Kaliji was invited to this conference 2 years ago, and Eva-Maria followed last year, so this is the third consecutive year that TriYoga has been invited!

Some students were new to TriYoga and attracted to the unique aspects of the practice, including the systematized prana vidya techniques. Kumi, on Kiki’s right, thought she would only join the asana session, but liked it so much, she stayed for prana vidya and chanting!

Yuki, on Kiki’s left, first met TriYoga through Eva-Maria, and was so excited to have another chance to practice.

Organizer Yoko, who also owns several popular yoga studios in Japan, met Kaliji last year and hopes to help spread TriYoga in her home country.

The staff of the conference (including Miki, front left, CEO of Yoga Smile) have a tradition to say goodbye to each teacher, but when it was time to say goodbye to Kiki, they all wanted their photo taken – they remember Kaliji’s visit and love her “special vibration”.

Mariko and Kiki – Mariko translated for Kaliji on her visit to Japan, and each TriYoga program at the yoga conference; she met Kiki at the TriYoga retreat in Taiwan in the spring and so was excited to welcome her to Japan. Kiki also is an expert translator, translating for Kaliji on every visit to China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and translating hundreds of hours of teacher training with John and Stef. Here Mariko helps Kiki to try on traditional Japanese clothing. After the conference, Mariko emailed to Kiki about the positive feedback she had heard from the students, and concluded:

“Thank you and I think you helped to widening my inward eyes…”

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