TriYoga in Kyoto, Japan with DJ and Santoshi

///TriYoga in Kyoto, Japan with DJ and Santoshi


DJ (John) and Santoshi traveled to Kyoto, Japan in October to present four classes at the Yoga Smile Conference, organized by Tamisa Yoga Studio. In the past few years, Yogini Kaliji, Eva-Maria, and Chinese teacher Kiki have all presented at the conference.This is a major yoga event in Japan, with nearly 3,000 participants over two days.

The conference was held at the famous Kennin-ji temple complex, a serene and beautiful location that perfectly complements the meditative TriYoga Flow.

Following the conference, DJ remained in Kyoto for a week to teach classes and workshops at Tamisa Studio, while Santoshi returned to Shenzhen, China to complete the Level 3 training at TYC Bao’an. DJ and Santoshi were already impressed with the quality of the flow at the conference and the number of students who were familiar with TriYoga, but the daily classes and workshops revealed a flourishing TriYoga group that has developed at Tamisa! Although none of the Japanese TriYoga teachers have attended a Level 1 teacher training, many of the regular students demonstrated a beautiful Level 1 flow which could have only been learned from the TriYoga teachers in Kyoto. These great new teachers have studied carefully during all of the multi-level classes and workshops taught by Yogini Kaliji and visiting TriYoga teachers, and have taught all they have learned. It is wonderful to see this new community growing!


Yoko (left) is the owner of Tamisa Studio and actively teaching TriYoga. She has been instrumental in bringing TriYoga to Yoga Smile and to Tamisa. Yoko is also a committed vegan—in addition to the vegan café at Tamisa’s Teramachi Street branch, Yoko recently opened a new vegan restaurant called “Veg Out” at Tamisa’s second site along the Kamogawa River.

Maaya (right) interpreted most of the TriYoga programs over the 10-day visit and provided sweet and helpful assistance to DJ and Santoshi during their stay.


Mariko also provided translation during TriYoga programs.


As DJ departed for the airport, the TriYoga group waved goodbye until the vehicle disappeared from view.


Kyoto is a wonderful place for vegan dining. There are many vegan restaurants, most small and independent and all serving unique, delicious, and beautifully presented meals.
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