TriYoga in Kyoto, Japan

///TriYoga in Kyoto, Japan
September 26- October 22, 2016
Kyoto, Japan
September 26th through Ocotber 22nd, Senior Level teacher Eva-Maria from Berlin continued Teacher Trainings sessions at Tamisa studio in Kyoto, Japan. Eva-Maria  finished the second Basics Teacher Training with 10 happy and excited new certified teachers. She also taught classes throughout the week.
Eva-Maria was also invited to teach two workshops, which were both filled to capacity.
  1. In Shiga, Hiroko, the organizer/host, opened her new, very meditative studio in the summer. She had seen Eva-Maria a few years ago at the Yogasmile Conference and wanted her students to experience TriYoga. At this workshop, Mariko (translator), Mayuko and Sawa came with Eva-Maria to assist; all three are new certified Basics TY teachers.
  2. The second workshop, organized by Sawa and her friends took place in a  beautiful temple in Kyoto.
Eva-Maria also taught a 1-day Retreat at Tamisa; Salutation Flow, Free the Hips and PranaVidya; all sessions were very well attended.
All are looking forward to Eva-Maria’s return in April 2017; a third Basics Teacher Training and the first Level 1 Teacher Training are planned.
The highlight of the Final day of the Basic Teacher Training was a Skype session with Kaliji. It was a very exciting flow, coincidentally on the day of the fifth year anniversary of TriYoga in Japan, when Kaliji presented TriYoga for the first time in Japan, at the Yogasmile Conference, where Eva-Maria had offered seva and assisted during the session. The interns experienced Kaliji’s beautiful light and strong energy and were so excited that they invited Kaliji to come to Kyoto next year for Workshops and a Retreat. They already sent the dates and a proposal for the schedule 😉
At the end of the Teacher Training, Chef  Hashimoto of Tamisa’s vegan restaurant VegOut, prepared an exquisite dinner for all to celebrate.

The students surpised Eva-Maria with many beautiful gifts; one of which were a personalized charicature stamp for Eva-Maria, Maaya and Toshi (translators), and Santoshi, who taught the teacher training session in July. In Japan, people do not sign documents; an official family name stamp is applied to important papers. These stamps were a source of much joy and entertainment. In good fun, the students lined up to have their Basics Teacher Training Manuals stamped by Eva-Maria.

Eva-Maria was accommodated close to Kyoto Gyoen National Garden. Approximately 50.000 trees grow inside the Garden, blessed with abundant nature and fine history, therefore great for promenades, rest and sports and coming in contact with nature.
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