TriYoga in Kyoto, Japan

///TriYoga in Kyoto, Japan

Level 2,yogasmile

Yoga Smile Conference ~ Kyoto, Japan.  May 17-18.   Eva-Maria, Senior Level teacher from Berlin taught 3 programs in Basics, Level 1 and Level 2.  All classes were fully attended.

Level 1 group yogasmile

Basics group yogasmileFrom May 21.-26 she gave daily classes at Tamisa yoga studio, where she also offerend an intensive workshop on the weekend 25.-26.

Mariko, Yuka, Maaya, Yuko

Mariko (far left), translated during the conference and the weekend workshop.  Maaya (second from left) translated the daily classes and offers to translate the sections YogaNidra, Pranayama and Jnana from the Basics Manual, as Eva-Maria will be starting to teach a Teacher Training in October.  Yuko (second from right), the owner of Tamisa yoga studio, will be coordinating the upcoming TT. Her sister Yuka (far right), also a yoga teacher at Tamisa, joined some TY classes and the workshop.


Yuki and Miho offered Eva-Maria delicious vegan food at Tamisa’s vegan Cosy Cafe.

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