TriYoga in Kiev

groupSantoshi returned to Kiev for classes April 15-22, including a weekend workshop and the first Level 3 teacher training there!

Level 2 students and teachers felt the benefits of their deep and dedicated practice of TriYoga as they enjoyed the cleansing fire of Agni flow.


The weekend workshop included third- and fourth-generation TriYoga students from around Kiev and Brovary– a testament to the long history of TY and teacher training in Ukraine.  After the Saturday class, Santoshi was invited to dinner with TY teacher Anna R and her student, Svetlana.  It was Svetlana’s first ever vegan meal, and her first visit to a vegetarian restaurant.  She was so fascinated by all the options and kept asking “really?  there’s no meat in here?  really?  No cream?” and ate every bite.  After the weekend of flows, she said the whole experience was a real “eye-opener”.


TriYoga artist Natalia was so excited to receive her first Swamiji Concert t-shirt featuring her artwork.  She also did the designs for the Los Angeles concert t-shirt and programs, as well as the TY34 t-shirts and many of the artwork on our fliers and website.

KatyaThe entire program was organized, promoted, and translated by TY teacher Katyerina, who opened her home and her heart to Santoshi.


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