TriYoga in Japan with Eva-Maria

///TriYoga in Japan with Eva-Maria

Eva-Maria made her second trip to Japan this year, April 25–May 6, for Basics and Level 2 TriYoga teacher trainings in Kyoto, to present TY at the Hiroshima Yoga Peace conference, and to give workshops in Oita and Hiroshima.

The new Basics TYTT group in Kyoto includes 17 interns from across Japan. This is the fifth Basics training in Japan, all organized by Kyoto studio TAMISA Yoga.

The group met Kaliji online and sang a traditional Japanese song.

Many teachers from previous years joined the Basics TYTT as assistants.

The first Level 2 TYTT in Japan began with a three-day intensive attended by TY teachers from every training class, and concluded with a dinner at vegan restaurant Veg Out.

Eva-Maria presented TriYoga for the third time at the Hiroshima Yoga Peace Conference, April 27–28, which draws students from throughout Japan and abroad.  Maaya provided interpretation and assistance.

TY teacher Ruiko lives in Hiroshima and organized two TriYoga workshops at her studio, Lakshmi.

Eva-Maria also traveled to the city Oito for a workshop. The man in the back of the group photo with arms outspread is Masakazzu, a Basics intern who traveled from the north of Japan to Oita in the south to join.

Eva-Maria writes: “Students were so touched by the soft beauty and depth of TriYoga….hearts were so open that many students could express their joy only through tears of happiness.”

The event was organized by TY teacher Masami, with help from Mika, and translation by Maaya.

The group also went to a countryside tofu maker’s cafe, where they enjoyed tofu with citrus pepper and tofu with sesame miso.

All are looking forward to Yogini Kaliji’s visit to Japan in September!


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