TriYoga in Daqing

June 5-23, 2017

Daqing, China

TriYoga teacher Sherry invited Junior-level teacher Sisi to Daqing for a workshop last spring–but as students expressed interest in gaining deeper knowledge and experience, the plans expanded and became a 90-hour Basics teacher training!

Sisi shared the story of one of the interns:

“We call her Professor Huang– a teacher at Harbin University.  Now 55 years old, she was facing a huge challenge in her life.  She had only been able to sleep 1-2 hours day, for more than 3 months.  She was frustrated and depressed.  However, she noticed an improvement with her TriYoga practice.  By the third day of the training, she was sleeping three hours a night, and by the end she was, gratefully, getting a normal sleep each night.

Professor Huang said:

I begin to miss everyone.  I miss the place we were together for our training, miss Sisi’s gentle and clear voice touching my ear, miss the moments when Sisi was chanting with us, miss the deep relaxation (where even one minute of Yoga Nidra is like one hour of sleep).  Thanks to Sherry for her selfless devotion and organization; we like living in earthly paradise, filled with peace and joy.  This experience brought me to live in the moment; I really don’t want to live away from the flow!

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