TriYoga in Chongqing

///TriYoga in Chongqing

groupTriYoga teacher Ma Mei recently gave a 3 day workshop in the Chinese city, Chongqing.  The 18-hour workshop was attended by more than 50 people, most of them yoga teachers !  flowcollageEach day included TriYoga flows, progressing through the weekend from Basics to Level 2. The teachers and students enjoyed the progressive system, and tuned right in to the energetic flow.


Students remained focused throughout the day, learning new skills for hands-on and partner stretch.

littleyogiA six year-old girl also joined the flow, showing her wheel and enjoying cakra rolls.

teachersasstsMa Mei was joined by her niece, TriYoga teacher Sisi (on left) and Fa, who arrived from Yunnan province Friday morning to come directly to the workshop.  Both share their passion for TriYoga with students throughout China.


The students shared that TriYoga gave them a chance to explore their inner selves, and for the first time to embrace their true self.  They feel so grateful to Kaliji and TriYoga for giving them this experience.

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