TriYoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand

///TriYoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand

CM_MealAfter Hangzhou, Sisi travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and went to the Sati House, a yoga studio and tea house.  She started talking with the owner and found they had a natural friendship– and that she was going to Malaysia on a holiday and was going to close the studio.  Sisi was disappointed, but, she writes: “suddenly we came up with an idea at the same time: maybe I could teach yoga for her in the studio during her vacation!”  So Sisi became the caretaker of the house and the yoga teacher–this was her first chance to share TriYoga outside of her home country, China.

One student, from the Netherlands, was practicing yoga for the first time and became very interested in TriYoga.  Sisi told her about Kaliji’s frequent visits to Europe and about the many TriYoga Centers there.  Another student said that the yoga woke her up, even though she had slept little the night before– now she had enough energy to enjoy her visit to Chiangmai!


While there, Sisi also visited the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel there.

Their spas are called “Qi Spa”:  Sisi pointed out that “Qi” is also “Prana” and shared TriYoga with the spa staff.  Sisi writes: “They said it was their first time to have this kind of yoga concept, to flow with  Qi/Prana,  and to feel the energy inside the body.


They were very excited  about TriYoga after class, and  stayed quite a long time to learn more about Triyoga.”

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