TriYoga in Chengdu and Shenyang

///TriYoga in Chengdu and Shenyang


TriYoga teacher Zhang Li recently gave workshops in Chengdu and Shenyang (the capital city in Liao Ning Province).

Zhang Li writes: “people love the flow very much: fantastic things happened during the flow. One girl, Zhao Yan (25 years old) said the flow is a treasure.  One boy, Xiao Tian (24 year old)  liked it so much, he went immediately to the Triyoga website after the workshop and bought the music.  He said the flow brings new meaning to yoga for him.”

The students and teachers asked for “More TriYoga!” and have started to discuss teacher training options in their region.


Zhang Li was hosted by Sun Bing, who she met at the Dalian Conference in September.  Sun Bing is very prominent in the Shenyang yoga community and was excited to bring TriYoga to her town.  She invited Zhang Li to stay in her home for the 5 days of the training, and made vegetarian food for the students after class every day!


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