TriYoga in Cairns, Australia

///TriYoga in Cairns, Australia

Above: the view from a student’s mat at Kewarra Beach Resort, where many of the classes and trainings were held.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! After completing a 6 month trip to China, John and Stephanie traveled to the tropical paradise of Cairns, Australia for two weeks of teacher training and workshops. John and Stef were hosted by teacher Dagmar Hirsch, who has developed a beautiful (and well trained!) TriYoga community in the Cairns area.

This was the second trip to Australia for John and Stef since October, when they taught for teacher Pene Foord in Ballarat. It is exciting to see the Australia TriYoga group growing, and trainings with John and Stef will continue next year.

Dagmar (left) was a fantastic and flawless organizer and host. She is a very popular teacher in the Cairns area with many loyal students who love TriYoga.

Many of the classes took place on the “beach deck” — an open-air hut at the local Kewarra Beach resort. Students enjoy the fresh air, the soothing sounds of the nearby sea, and the increased prana from nature.

The first week included a 20-hour Level 2 teacher training. Dagmar invited local teachers and students to attend. Teacher Cindy Bright, next to John in pink, traveled from Ballarat (near Melbourne) to join the fun. Cindy certified in Level 1 during John and Stef’s recent visit to Ballarat.

The second week included a 20-hour Level 3 intensive, during which students and teachers experienced the energy and purification of the Fire flows.

John assists Dagmar in Wheel Lift.

Level 2 teacher Pene also came from Ballarat to deepen her practice during the Level 3 training. Pene has taught yoga in Ballarat for many years, and recently opened the first TriYoga center in Australia.

After the final session, Pene, John, local student Uli, and Dagmar review their notes and clarify and remaining questions.

One of the highlights of the visit were the frequent encounters with animal friends. A friendly and inquisitive wallaby visited classes at the beach each day during yoga nidra to listen to Sri Swamiji’s mantras. This wallaby is carrying a joey in its pouch.

Classes at Kewarra Beach Resort were also held on a patio next to an amazing saltwater pond. The Australians casually mentioned the presence of crocodiles! While the crocodiles remained hidden, the class was entertained by giant fruit bats, cockatoos, and more visiting wallabies.

This friendly fellow was walking about during a break from the training.

John and Stef also had time to visit a local butterfly sanctuary in the nearby coastal rainforest. For more stories and pictures of the nature John & Stef encountered, click here to visit Stef’s blog.

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