TriYoga Program in Boston, MA

///TriYoga Program in Boston, MA

After her trip to Europe Kaliji shared a weekend program at TriYoga Boston (MA) ~ Oct 25–27.
TY Boston, a non-profit organization, focuses on therapeutic TY programs and helps people
with various health conditions.
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Classes included different levels of Yogaflow, as well as TriYoga Therapeutics and Prana Vidya.
Each flow is accompanied by Kaliji sharing yoga wisdom, always with a touch of her unique humor.
Dr. G shared medical research supporting benefits of the TY lifestyle.
TY teachers Jyoti and Lorrie offered demonstration; Brahmi and Ganga alignment assistance.

TriYoga in Boston










The program was organized by TYC director and senior-level teacher Brahmi.
Lorrie is one of the board members, a registered nurse and teaches a few specialty classes.
Ruth, a local TY teacher, and her mom Hannah Landsman, are regulars at TY Boston events.
Mrs. Landsman is 92 years old, yet she often inspired youngsters to keep on flowing.

Chodi, a TYTT intern from China, came to the area to study and was thrilled to discover
that Kaliji was teaching a workshop.

Dr. Chokshi, who implements yoga practices in her holistic clinical in FL,
attended the whole program.

TriYoga Potluck Boston

On Saturday evening Brahmi and her husband Ira hosted a vegan potluck.

ET Pumpkin TriYoga Boston

On Sunday evening, Ira (an outstanding artist) and Brahmi taught Kaliji how to carve a Halloween pumpkin.

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