TriYoga in Bad Tölz, Germany

///TriYoga in Bad Tölz, Germany

After assisting Kaliji in Germany and Switzerland. John and Stef traveled south of Munich to the TYC in Bad Tölz.



The first day, John, Stef and host Kathrin Purmann enjoyed a day in the mountains…


The weekend program focussed on a ten-hour training in TriYoga Prenatal– for teachers, students, mothers and others.


Nine teachers (including two mothers expecting their second children in January) enjoyed the weekend’s program: a combination of lectures which included basic anatomical knowledge, and flows appropriate for different stages of pregnancy.


At one point, everyone decided to try placing a pillow in their shirts to see how the change in shape affected different postures. Everyone shared a good laugh at their changed profiles!



Kathrin translated questions and answers, as the students enjoyed a chair flow.


John offered alignment assistance, and also taught daily flow classes.


After class, Kathrin, Salzburg teacher Andrea, TYC Vienna directors Tanja and Peter, and Stef & John went to a local vegetarian Bavarian restaurant for authentic and cruelty-free German cuisine!

TYC Bad Tölz will host Kaliji for a workshop in October.

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