TriYoga Grows in Shenzhen

///TriYoga Grows in Shenzhen


TriYoga teacher Xixi recently hosted an open class for students at the TriYoga Loft Studio in the OCT area of Shenzhen.


Over 30 participants enjoyed Prana Vidya, TriYoga Flows, meditation, and chanting.

Participants were also able to share their experience of TriYoga:


Judy joined TriYoga classes in May and in June traveled to Hong Kong to meet Kaliji. She said she used to feel upset and down all days because of her unhealthy body. Her friends used to worry about her! However, after she came to TriYoga, she found that her body improved, as well as her mood. She says she now feels happy from her heart but doesn’t know how this happened– she only knows that TriYoga is the most important thing in her daily life now, and is eager to share with her friends.


The Chairperson of the Yoga student association at Shenzhen University also attended with four other university students. She said some people may feel that college life is a bore, always focused on the school and dorm, with the only recreation playing computer games or watching movies. But she feels that yoga practice brings color to her college life: “I feel happy and relaxed after the yoga!” She and other students take one class a week from TY Teacher Sisi– this Shenzhen University class has been ongoing since the first TY teacher training in Shenzhen in 2009.

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