TriYoga growing in Macau

///TriYoga growing in Macau

Santoshi traveled across the water from Shenzhen to the international city, Macau, for a workshop at Yoga World in the city center. Until 1999, Macau was a Portuguese territory, and there are many examples of European architecture throughout the city.


The programs were organized by TriYoga teacher Wen Ying (right) who first met Yogini Kaliji at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong three years ago. Since then, she traveled to Zhuhai to take Basics Teacher Training, then to Shenzhen for Level 1. She cleverly manages her vacation time from her government job to attend trainings and workshops in the mainland of China whenever she can. Translator (and TriYoga teacher!) Kiki, came with Santoshi on their day off from the ongoing Level 3 training in Shenzhen.

Yoga World has previously hosted three programs with TY Teachers Lalita and Zhang Li, so many of the students had already experienced this transformative flow. Many shared after the workshop about the ways TriYoga feels different– more gentle than other yoga styles, but also more strong and more concentrated. They loved the focus on pranayama throughout the practice and shared their TriYoga smiles!

Macau’s first TriYoga teacher training will begin in early 2016!

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