TriYoga Growing in China

///TriYoga Growing in China

Several students from last year’s teacher trainings in Shenzhen have started classes and studios of their own.

Level 2 teacher Xixi has transformed her apartment into a beautiful yoga studio, complete with photos of Kaliji and a TriYoga Calendar designed by Ganga. John and Stef were thrilled to teach a class at her studio, and were so impressed by the students’ knowledge and ability.

Level 2 teacher Ajasa has opened a new studio in the Luohu area of Shenzhen, and invited her TriYoga family to celebrate the opening. Ajasa is an accomplished pianist and piano teacher, and entertained her guests with a delightful concert.

During last year’s teacher trainings, several new TriYoga teachers began a Yoga Club at Shenzhen University. Over 40 college students regularly attend, giving new interns a great opportunity to practice their new skills, and young people a great exposure to a yoga practice that can change their lives!

This year John and Stef taught an evening class with the Yoga Club, assisted by TriYoga teachers from 2009 and 2010 trainings.

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