TriYoga Deepening Year

///TriYoga Deepening Year

TYDYJan2014TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania hosted a 7-month program called TriYoga: A Deepening Year, for teachers and interns from Basics – Level 3.  The program began September 2013 and concluded in March 2014.

out-of-townersStudents gathered from near and far to meet each month.  Pictured here are: Lakshmi (VA), Carol (NY), Jennifer (from Ireland/Santa Cruz/Washington DC), Genevra (NY), Gita (Indiana, PA), and Jim (Theresa’s dad from TX).  Missing from the photo is Evelyne, from VA.  At the first weekend, Jennifer and Genevra discovered they had met long ago at the TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz.


Each month the group enjoyed TriYoga flows for all levels, Prana Vidya, Teaching Methodology and Practicum, along with discussions of posture progressions in TriYoga, jnana, subtle anatomy, mudra, and mantra.


In this photo, Basics, Level 1, and Level 2 Practicum sessions are being held simultaneously.

Gita_Theresa_JillGita and Jill assisted TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania director Theresa with their knowledge, support, and wonderful presence over the course of the seven months.

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